#atozchallenge : Q

Time for quidditch practice.:

Quidditch is the wizarding world’s most famous sport. It’s quite violent in its execution, and I am actually quite shocked that the students are allowed to play it at all.

Harry Potter kiss cam au:

In Quidditch, there are seven people per team. 1 seeker, 1 keeper, 2 beaters and 3 chasers.

The Keeper is in charge of the goals. He or she needs to stop the ball (quaffle) from going through the hoops.

Best aquarium ever:

The chasers are the ones who are responsible for scoring the goals. They take the quaffle and try to score in the hoops. If the quaffle goes into the hoop, you score 10 points for your team.

The beaters are like defence. There are two balls called bludgers – these zoom around the field trying to upset the players. The beaters get to carry little bats and hit the bludgers away from the players (or at the other team’s players if you will).

The seeker needs to catch the golden snitch. It’s a tiny little-winged ball which is almost impossible to see. It is worth 150 points and the game doesn’t end until it is caught. Some matches go on for days.


Even though the snitch is worth 150 points, that doesn’t guarantee you winning the game. The more points you earn by getting the quaffle into the hoops, the better your team is ranked. If you are ahead in points enough, even if the other team catches the snitch, they won’t win.

More Favorite Harry Potter Posts (Dump) - Imgur:

If you so fancy, here are some rules for Muggle Quidditch.

Muggle Quidditch! @Caroline Kreitzer I TOLD YOU it existed! #bestever:

This game is super dangerous in my mind, but I liken it to the same as playing hockey so can I really be too upset that the students at Hogwarts are allowed to play it? No, not really, because heaven help the person who tries to stop little munchkins from playing hockey.



16 thoughts on “#atozchallenge : Q

  1. *gasp* NOT go to Hogwarts?! Even at the height of it being dangerous, you couldn’t have kept me away, haha. I wouldn’t have played Quidditch, either. I’d be in the stands, probably reading a book until my crush’s team plays and then I’d be into it. Selective participation, lol.

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  2. I had a funny feeling this would be the Quidditch post. 😉

    I’ve actually got two Quidditch tops. One is a Seeker’s jacket (with Harry Potter’s name tag in it!) and the other is plain with the Hogwarts crest and ‘Team Quidditch’ across the back. Every time I wear them to work one of my colleagues and I have a (friendly) debate about whether they count as sportswear (which is not allowed at work), hehe. Better not let them find out about Muggle Quidditch!

    Cait @ Click’s Clan

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