Throwing Some Shade

I’ve come across something a little sketchy (which, let’s face it, with my innocent outlook on life, basically everything is a little sketchy) 

Ok, so like most millennials, I don’t have a tv. Well, I have a tv but it is only there to stream my Netflix. It’s not even a smart TV! But it doesn’t get any actual channels. This causes me to watch all my currently running tv shows on network websites.

Since I am in Toronto now, I constantly get the same mini commercial while watching shows. Let’s take a look, shall we? (It’s literally 40 seconds, I know ya’ll can spare that time).

Ok, so my question is: WHAT is this commercial promoting? Her shoes? Her swooshy fringe dress? Her gorgeous drop earrings?

Wanna know what it’s promoting in my mind?


That’s right! The first time I watched this, I was like “umm are you promoting a high-end call girl right now?” Legit, that’s all I get when I watch this.

And then at the end, it says it’s promoted by the Madison Group. Isn’t that a group that was in the news for running a website for people to cheat on their wives/husbands?! I literally have done no research on this so I could be wrong.

But still.

It’s a hooker.

There I said it.

5 thoughts on “Throwing Some Shade

  1. She totally looks like a hooker. This is a very Vegas looking ad. Basically they are saying if you are sexy, beautiful (horrish) and live a social life, you’ll fit right in at these condos bc that is the lifestyle they elude their residence to have.

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  2. That’s because there’s a similar setup in Vegas. Here’s an article I found on the subject (Nobu Hospitality :P) Apparently the Madison Group was co-founded by three people, one of them being Robert DeNiro…or at least they’re the ones who started the whole Nobu Hospitality thing.

    Nobu Residences


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