About a year ago, I made a post boasting about my new favourite bra. Today, let’s talk about other under-things. 

First of all, what do you call your other “under things”? Underwear? Panties? Under-roos? Unmentionables?

I’m not exactly sure why, but apparently, panties is a taboo choice. Someone can explain that one to me if they want to. Since I don’t want to offend anyone, I’ll just stick to underwear.

For some reason, 4th always has a problem with wearing underthings. Several reminders must be given to make sure they are on – especially on the weekend.

On Saturday, I was out shopping with Le Brother. It was just a super quick trip to get my Harry Potter DVD box set but ended up with us separating in Wal-Mart and meeting at the cash later. Since I didn’t get my DVD’s, I went into the clothing department. I needed new socks since literally every single pair of socks I owned I had to throw out in the last few months. I decided to just grab some from the dollar store, but they lasted half a second.

Once in the sock section, I was tempted by the underwears as well. I’m normally a “simple is best” type of girl, and have no problems in admitting that all my underwear was either black or beige boyshorts. I hardly ever shop at Wal-Mart but always for socks and underwear….I’m not sure what it is about the specific type of underwear that I buy there but they are seriously the most comfortable things in existence.

So I’m slowly looking through their selection, rounding a corner and my eye catches these packages with BRIGHT coloured underwear in them. They were so far outside of what I would normally get. So I just by-pass them and continue on. Not seeing what I usually buy, I decide to leave and started to make my way up to the cash to pay for my socks.

Halfway there, I just HAD to turn around. I needed those bright, fluorescent boyshorts! There was just this overwhelming urge that my life would not be complete without them. Basically, the same thought that I had on Thursday when, for the first time in about 4 years, I bought a new lipstick….it’s beautiful BTW and I wore it all weekend. I rushed back to the stand and picked up a pack in my size. And now I just love them! No more boring boyshorts for me!

I’m not sure what it is about having new underthings (socks, bras, underwear, whatever), but it just makes me feel all extra confident as I go about my day.

Does that happen to you too?

3 thoughts on “Under-roos

  1. I prefer calling them panties. Always have. No idea why it’s so taboo as it was never explained to me. Someone wrote something up about it on BuzzFeed but it’s a jumble of ????? and no real reason why the word Panties is so terrible. Good job, BF. I think it has to do with creepy leches and their perviness. If I’m crass for using a word that is so awful to hear, welp, we all know by now that I revel in my trashiness, haha! As to feeling super happy when I step into a brand new pair? Absolutely best feeling in the world!

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  2. I love buying new panties. I normally only shop for panties at Victoria’s Secret. Since I am pretty strapped for cash, I usually wait until they’re on sale at the semi annual sale and buy a butt load of panties. Or N gets me gift certificates.
    By the way, I normally call them panties. Sometimes I’m refer to them in the Cajun French term, “casohns.” Ka–sans. Pronounced like the French term sans or without.

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