@TomFelton Sings and my heart just melted

Pretty much the best thing that I have found in my searchings for the A to Z challenge. Thanks, HP fandom for dragging me into your deepest darkest corners so I could get to this.



9 thoughts on “@TomFelton Sings and my heart just melted

        • lol I don’t really follow the lives of the HP stars very much. I have him, and a few others on twitter but I almost never read my twitter feed. I have no idea what is happening in their personal lives….unless its Ralph Finnes HAHA then I’m all over that like white on rice

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          • It’s so odd seeing him with hair now. 😛 The first movie I saw him in was The English Patient (I think that was him, and not his brother…).

            I just saw a trailer earlier with Emma Watson in it, I forget what it was for, but it wasn’t Beauty and the Beast, it was for her next film…it looked really good too. I tried watching Tom Felton in that Murder show (Murder in the First? Can’t remember the title), where he was playing the prime suspect, but I just kept seeing Draco Malfoy. He was perfectly evil in Rise of the Planet of the Apes as the jerk who tormented Caesar and his simian pals. 😛 I wonder if he’ll ever get to play the good guy…

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            • The firs Ralph Fiennes movie I saw was “Onegin” which is still one of my favourites. It was 12 and fell madly in love haha! And yes, he was in the English Patient 😉 I think the Emma Watson movie might be “the circle”? It was a preview I saw when I was watching BATB. As for Tom Felton, I haven’t seen him in anything since the HP series. Although Sandra (one of my blogging buddies) says he’s in the Flash now.

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              • Yeah, The Circle! I was surprised to see her in the preview, it’s a little bit different from the movies she’s been doing.

                Tom’s in the Flash? Who does he play? My TV decided to die on me a few months ago (with a little help from my furry grandbabies), so I’ve been having to livestream everything on my laptop, and I can’t watch the CW on here (it might be one that wants me to allow popups—no, I have all those adblockers on here for a reason, I got sick of ads popping up every time I was trying to do something else online. It REALLY limits what I’m able to watch, which sucks, but I don’t know how to allow popups for them without it starting a whole stream of popups through their associates that I don’t want)

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                  • I just looked him up on IMdB, and it says he plays Julian Albert. There’s no character bio on that page, but there’s a conversation between his character and another and this other character called him Alchemy. Kinda figured he’d be playing one of the Metas. 😛 The name is vaguely familiar from the comics, but I’d have to look it up to remember who Alchemy was. I really need to get another TV so I can start watching Flash again!

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