Weekend Wrap-Up

Oh, it feels so horribly wonderful to be back! 

I got home last night and the first thing I did, after unpacking and starting some laundry, was to jump right into my blog. I had been trying to read new posts all weekend, but it was really hard to keep up. So I had over 60 posts to catch up on last night. I did a horrible thing and just read them all, clicking like on every. single. one. I wanted you guys to know that I was reading! I swear it!

But now I’m back and can focus properly on my blog.

First of all, how was your weekend? I hope those who were celebrating Easter had the time for reflecting on the sacrifice that Jesus gave to us. And those who were just enjoying the long weekend had lots of time to relax, see your families, and maybe get in an egg hunt or two!

For me, the weekend was jam-packed! My brother picked me up Thursday night at 9:30 pm, which meant that we arrived at my parent’s house just after midnight. I had a horrible wonderful sleep next to my snoring pup who needed to have my hand as a pillow as he fell asleep. It was a test of my ninja skills to slowly pull my hand out from under his head as soon as he started to snore – thankfully I didn’t wake him up! He was not so kind and kept me up until almost 2.

Friday was morning snuggles with the other dog,

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church and coffee with friends. As a family, we had afternoon fun with the game Exploding Kittens, which I had bought for my brother for his birthday. It wasn’t as hilarious as I was expecting, but the artwork on it was great and provided lots of giggles!

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Dinner produced the one thing I was super excited for! A homemade birthday cake!! Since I was turning 5-years-old, I asked for funfetti (you know the cake with the sprinkles in the batter?) and my mum delivered! The consistency turned out a little weird but just slap on extra frosting and you don’t even notice!

Image may contain: dessert and food

Saturday was a pretty good day as well. Morning coffee with the wife, and then the rest of the day with my family. There were apparently a few miscommunications though, like when my dad text me to ask if I wanted my mum’s Nutri bullet and I said no since I would hardly ever use it, that meant to buy me one for my birthday! Thankfully I was given the option of a second gift, which I accepted over it (I spent a solid minute feeling crappy over that like, “I said no, and they still got it anyways so thanks for listening…” and then that turned into, “I’m a horrible ungrateful daughter” but then I collected myself).  I had asked for a very expensive box set of the Harry Potter movies (since I have never owned a copy of any of them) and was given money to go towards that purchase. The wife said that she just got a set for 1/3 of the price, and that afternoon my brother and I went to secure a copy for myself! I had to put it on hold in a different city, and my brother picked it up and paid for it – and refused to accept anything to cover it so now I’ll just go shopping instead! mwahaha

My uncle and his girlfriend showed up in the afternoon, and his girlfriend gave me a stuffed hippo. She saw it on Valentine’s day in a dollar store and instantly thought of me! I just haven’t been home since to get it. And now Alfonso has a friend! Looking for a name for the new hippo – if anyone has any suggestions.


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Even got a little sewing kit from my mum!


We went out for dinner at my favourite restaurant, and I literally could not finish my food. I had to take home my dessert – which put a little damper on my dad, it seemed weird but I would find out why the next day.

Sunday: church again, and lunch with my parents. My brother had left to spend some time with his friends in our old home town. At lunch, I found out WHY my dad was a little down at my constant “omg I’m so full I’m going to DIE!” He had bought me an ice cream cake! Another miscommunication: I wanted the funfetti because mum can’t eat the ice cream…he thought I wrote that I wanted both….so I got both.

Image may contain: indoor

Thankfully, I had to leave this cake with my parents. There is no way an ice cream cake was going to survive the 2.5-hour drive back home in 22 degrees of sunshine! We had a slice each at lunch and I am positive my dad will give the rest a home.

So overall a pretty great weekend I’d say! Just a few more highlights from it though:

  • that giraffe on Facebook has FINALLY given birth!
  • for once, the weather was super sunny on Friday – this was strange. Has anyone else noticed that Good Friday always has bad weather? Like always.
  • According to everyone that I saw at my parent’s church I “look so good!” My birthday selfie does show how super adorable I look (Giggling Followers look out for a password post!), but I was taken back by all the “oooooo you must be so happy! You look SO GOOD!!” “Oh WOW I didn’t recognise you! You look SOO GOOD!” let’s be honest here, are they saying I looked horrible before?! 
  • I need to find ways to avoid shaking hands with the pastor at my parent’s church…he holds on way too long and it creeps me out. When I try to pull away, he puts his other hand ON TOP of our hands to hold me there longer….
  • I really really missed my kids. My work family was out for family time on Saturday and took the time to call me from their van and sing Happy Birthday to me! It was so special.
  • My nails are still in perfect condition! No chips!
  •  I found my headband stash and now will be wearing cute headbands for the summer

*sigh* It’s good to be back folks!

14 thoughts on “Weekend Wrap-Up

  1. For the last few years, Easter has doubled as a family reunion on my mom’s side and someone usually gets upset for something super dumb. This year it was my aunt and her daughter and all they did was cuss up and down and act like complete idiots. It was incredibly embarrassing and all I wanted to do was scold them… I chose instead to stay out of it and ignored the unpleasantness which guaranteed my enjoyment of the day. So that was MY Easter, lol. I’m glad to hear yours was so wonderful! As for your lovely hippo… the Cincinnati Zoo where I live had a baby hippo born prematurely and have been working with her to get her up to weight so she can be with her parents again. They named her Fiona. A possible name for your new friend? And as for your pastor… Get one of those hand buzzers, lol. Lastly, how does one become part of your Giggling Followers? xoxo

    Liked by 1 person

    • Oooo goodness – family reunions always bring up something. My uncle and his girlfriend came over on Saturday like I mentioned and I had to tell her to watch her language TWICE – and once was because she was calling my cousin (my uncle’s daughter) a b****. Like um…sure you’re his gf but you have NO RIGHT to say that…even if she has been treated badly by my cousin. And ooo Fiona is such a cute name! She is thus named. And I like this hand buzzer thing. Le Brother told me to just do “the man shake” – one firm up and down and that’s it. Hehe. And there is a page at the top of my blog which says “Giggling Follower” and it gives all the steps there – you just have to be an active member within my community (which I would consider you to be), then you send an email request for the password.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Wow. It’s a good thing I’m a pro at ignoring things that are unpleasant. I’d have been mightily tempted to slap her face off, lol. And yay, so happy you’re going with the name I offered. Fiona is such an adorable baby. Also, following your directions now and signing up! ♥

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  2. I was gonna mention the name Bert for your purple hippo (if you’ve ever watched NCIS, Abby has a *special* stuffed hippo named Bert) but that might not work for a girl hippo…Bertie maybe. 😛 My mother in law had two best friends and one of them was named Roberta, I think her nickname was Birdie (or maybe it was Bertie and I was just hearing it wrong all those years, entirely possible as I have trouble distinguishing between the B and T sounds sometimes and even have trouble articulating them). But I like Fiona for her, wasn’t that the name of the female hippo on Animaniacs? Remember the rich hippo couple, they sounded like they were from Germany or something? I actually can’t remember their names, but they were so hilariously stuck up. 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    • Ooo i like bert too! Hehe bert the farting hippo. I almost bought one a few years ago. I don’t know if its a boy or a girl. Alfonso is pink with purple feet and a teal tail so the colour doesnt really make it a girl or a boy lol

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      • I love the episode where someone other than the team hears Bert and McGee says “That’s just the hippo” and Abby goes “What hippo?” with this big smile on her face. 😛 She has such a wicked sense of humor. 😀

        I have so many stuffed animals, I have different sized tigers and lions (one of the lions is even on a keychain) and I’ve given most of them to my furry babies and grandbabies to play with. I also have a couple penguins, one I named Chilly Willy (because his scarf and hat are the same color as Woody Woodpecker’s friend) and that one became a cat toy too. I have two panthers, one a medium-sized adult and one a cub named Bagheera Sr and Jr. (naturally). I have a raccoon named Woody (if I’d known about the Guardians of the Galaxy at the time, I’d have probably named him Rocket), a couple rabbits, a mouse wearing pinstripe pants and glasses….I even have a Ty Beanie Baby brown owl that I named Archimedes (if you don’t know why, look up The Sword in the Stone on IMdB). I clearly need help.

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        • haha!! I don’t have quite that many! I got rid of all my stuffies a few years ago except for a select few – like the teddy bear my dad gave me the day I was born, but he’s in my keepsake box. I’ll keep stuffies for a year or two and then donate them to goodwill if they don’t mean anything to me.

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          • I let the cats play with them…I got a pink Sock Monkey for Valentine’s Day a few years ago…when my cat Lucky had her babies last year, I gave it to them to play with…they used to sleep on the bed with it, and chew on it and drag it around…they’re a bunch of weirdos 😛

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  3. You had a lot of going on during your weekends which I guess was awesome, my weekends was basically staying at home with the fam watching movies and eating (a lot) but it was great.

    I was gonna suggest to name the hippo Hagrid because you know he’s big kinda suits a hippo haha and I’m assuming that you’re a fan of Harry Potter 😄

    Liked by 1 person

    • Aww your weekend sounds lovely!! I need an “at home watching movies and eating too much” weekend. Well I ate way too much last weekend so I can do without the food haha! And another good name!!


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