It’s the MOST – WONDERFUL – time of the year!

Image result for royalty free images happy 30th birthday

It was 30 years ago, at 3:21 pm, that I was born and became the sunshine in my parent’s lives and the pebble in my brother’s shoe.

It was a Wednesday, the one right before Easter, and exactly one day after my grandma turned 70. What a birthday present! Her last child, giving birth to what would be the last grandchild (all the rest born after me are great-grandchild….a few before me as well actually).

And now here I am, older, wiser (I hope), but just as adorable!

Image result for royalty free images happy 30th birthday

I hope you guys all have a great day!

35 thoughts on “IT’S FINALLY HERE!

  1. Happy Birthday! I hope you get whatever you want…! 🙂

    [And in my usual downer way… I’m going to tell you something… You just wait a few years… like 5 to 10 or so… and you won’t think birthdays are the most wonderful time of the year anymore. I hate my birthday now. Or maybe you won’t feel that way at all… lol… The only thing I look forward to is cake.] 🙂

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