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We are in the home stretch peeps! Just over half-way done the challenge – WOOT WOOT! How are ya holding up? Probably better than who we are going to be looking at today: The Malfoys (allow time for the boos and hisses).

In all seriousness, I think that the Malfoy family takes a hard knock when it comes to opinions. A lot of people feel all this hatred towards them, and I totally get that, but also, I kind of feel like it might be a little misplaced.

If you look at the head of the family first, Lucius. I truly believe that he is only so horrible because he is scared of Voldemort (yeah I wrote it, you can speak it!) I think this is probably from years of being taught that non-pure bloods aren’t desirable in society. I think they if he had been placed in a family that had a little bit more of a kinder look on non-pure bloods that he would have turned out much different. But I guess you can say that about the majority of the “evil” people in these books. As the books progress, you can see him getting more and more wary of the dark arts and being part of the death eaters – especially after he was placed in Azkaban for his involvement with them. In the last book, you can see his allegiance wavering, he is starting to break. He might not be totally convinced of the good side, but he is getting less swayed by those cookies the dark side is always offering people.

Jason Issacs on Tom Felton:

The actor who played Lucius also went to some pretty crazy lengths to exude this horrible attitude that Lucis is supposed to have.

@/jasonsfolly on how he improvised the scene in Dumbledore's office involving Dobby. #HappyBirthdayJasonIsaacs:

I feel that Narcissa is the same. She was swept up in her family’s expectations of who she needed to be, who she needed to associate with and marry, what she needed to teach her children. It’s this constant cycle of hatred that is passed down from one generation to the next. But in the last two books, we see her starting to break from that cycle as well. In The Half-Blood Prince, she is seen right away seeking Snape’s help to protect her son. She can see how Voldemort is just using her family for his own revenge against Lucius, and she wants to make sure that her family is safe. Even if it means that she defies Voldemort’s word (which, according to her sister Bellatrix, is law). In The Deathly Hallows, she is once more showing her mother love towards Draco and she lies to Voldemort and says that Harry is dead. This is such a risk on her part – Voldemort is said to be the world’s best legiliment (a person who can enter another’s mind). She lies to him – all to save her son.

Bitches get stuff done.:

Which brings us to Draco. I think that, even from a young age, he is breaking from his parent’s teachings before they even realise that they need to as well.

Harry Potter humor :):

There is a fan theory that Draco is actually the person behind Hermione getting the information to kill the Basilisk in The Chamber of Secrets. This theory is linked to a scene from the movie, where Draco is shown in the bookstore ripping a page out of a book. It states that he knew what was living in the chamber at the school and that this page was the page that had the information on it that Hermione had in her hand when she was petrified. Everyone knows that Hermione would never rip a page out of a book, so her having a ripped page in her hand in the hospital wing makes this connection plausible.


There is also a scene that has been cut from the last movie. When Harry is brought into the courtyard of the school by Hagrid, everyone assuming he is dead. But when he reveals himself to actually be alive, Draco shouts out his name and runs to join his side. This can also be used as evidence of the love between them that I wrote about yesterday.

at one time, the HPDH2 script had draco walking across the courtyard to his parents  until he saw that harry was alive  at which point he shouted  image  and ran back  across the courtyard  away from his parents  to harry


Or, of course, we call just agree that Draco, like his father, were just exactly who they are supposed to be. That their hatred was something that they thrived on, and given the chance to change (like Narcissa’s sister and Sirius did), they would remain the same slimy men they always were.

slytherin careers advice by Forbis:

26 thoughts on “#atozchallenge : M

  1. I love the looks on his parents’ faces in that cut scene…Narcissa looks worried that Draco’s going to get himself killed running to join the other side, and Lucius is just like “WTF?!? Why are you yelling his name, and where the hell do you think you’re going?!?” It’s priceless! Also I wonder if that was in the script, or if he just ad libbed that on the spot (he’s been known to do that…) 😛

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      • It didn’t even make it into the deleted scenes section of the DVD, and for some reason DH 1 & 2 are the only movies they don’t add the deleted scenes back into when they show them on regular TV (like FreeForm, which used to be ABC Family, which ALWAYS puts the deleted scenes back in…but for some reason didn’t with the last two movies). I’d have been laughing my butt off in the theater if they had shown that scene, he had more than just his parents giving him strange looks when he did that!

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          • Yay! You’ll finally get to see the whole scene with Dudley at the beginning of Part 1 (you barely see him at all, mostly hearing his voice, in the theatrical release). The actor had lost so much weight that he’d had to wear a “fat suit” to film his scenes for this movie, and then you don’t even really get to see him anyway, so what was the point of making him do that? Also there’s a deleted scene with Harry and Petunia in the living room, I don’t think they ever show it in the TV version and I know it’s not in the theatrical release, where she’s getting ready to walk out the door and she stops and says something to the effect of, “You know, you didn’t just lose your mother that night. I lost a sister,” then walks out of the house. She can’t even bear to look at him while she says it, but at least he gets the message: he hasn’t been the only one suffering all these years. I know that scene was way longer in the book, and I prefer the book to what they did in the movie, but at least they managed to film that much of it, even if you only get to see it in the deleted scenes.

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            • oooo I’m so excited! I wanted this one box set which was almost $200 but it had allllllll the extended versions and directors cut and commentaries and it was blue ray AND dvd. but then I was made aware of just the regular DVD box set for like $65 so that’s what I got instead. I’m going to put off watching any of them until next weekend since I probably won’t have time during the week. But I hope that they have deleted scenes and stuff on them.

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              • They should have, we just have all the movies as they were released on dvd, no boxed sets, and they all have deleted scenes. You would think that a boxed set would have even more extras than the original dvd releases, so yours might have bonus stuff beyond the original dvds.

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                • I am so looking forward to them! I opened the box yesterday and the first DVD has a colourful sticker on it, the rest are all just silver. And I finished reading DH last night as well. Friday can’t come quickly enough! I wish I had today off so I could just laze around and watch them, but I need to get back to work lol


  2. *Squees* I am so happy to have found someone else who is as obsessed with HP. That aside, I love the Malfoy’s and I loathe Dumbledore. I also read a ton of HP fanfic. I can’t stop. It’s an addiction, lol. Anyways, loving your blog and can’t wait to read more! xoxo

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  3. I like to believe that the Malfoys became the way they were because of their unique family situation. Narcissa took a huge risk and I admire her bravery for straight out lying to Voldemort! Great going. I love reading your posts. It’s paradise for a Potterhead.😁

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