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I am SOOOO excited for this letter you guys! SO EXCITED! Today we are talking about LOVE! And I will try my hardest not to just post all the pictures in the whole world from Pinterest. No promises though….

There are many different love pairings in Harry Potter. Some that are supported in the books, some specifically for the movies, and then some that are brought about by the fandom (and let me tell you! The fandom’s love pairings take the cake for being the best!)

“Ah, to be young and feel love’s keen sting”:

Of course, there are the love pairings that everyone knows about. Ron and Hermione, Ginny and Harry. JK Rowling wrote that she almost out Hermione and Harry together – which in my opinion, would have been a much better match than Ron and Hermione.

You should have sticked with Fred and Hermione, women!:

Bill and Fleur, Lupin and Tonks, Viktor and Hermione, Lily and Snape, Lily and James, are all pairings that are supported in the books and movies.

obsession =/= love:

I personally love that Lupin and Tonks are together. He’s “too old and broken” for her, but she still loves him anyway. Just like how I feel about Ralph Fiennes…. *cue girly sigh*


JK has let a few things slip about other love pairings: Dumbledore and Grindelwald were lovers. Which upset a small selection of the fandom because they refused to think that Dumbledore could be a gay character.

For those who have only watched the movies, you might be wondering about Neville and Luna. While this is an adorable match between the two actors in the movies, it is not based on anything in the books. In further writings, JK Rowling supplies further information on these two, stating that Neville eventually ends up marrying Hannah Abbott (a Hufflepuff girl who was in the same year as Neville), and Luna marries Rolf Scamander, the grandson of Newt Scamander from Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them.

JK Rowling has stated in various interviews, that at first, she intended for Fred and Hermione to be paired together. This would have been the cutest thing! I’m not sure if this pairing would have saved Fred from death in the last book, but I think they would have been a great match together. She also writes that Draco is so rude to Hermione, not because of her blood status, but because he has feelings for her and can’t show them. I love the idea of Draco and Hermione together!

Well I didn't know that!!! I still don't ship dramione though, Draco was so mean to Hermione the whole series, and she loved Ron that's all there is to it:  Tom Felton ships Dramione!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ASDFGHJKL:

Also known as heroname :D:

George, on the other hand, eventually ends up marry Angelina Johnson. Now Fred actually took Angelina to the Yule Ball in The Goblet of Fire, so this kind of struck me as a little weird. Would you date your sibling’s ex? But I guess it doesn’t really say if they were dating or if they just went to the ball together. Years after the final battle at Hogwarts, these two meet up again, get married and eventually have two children – a girl and a boy (named Fred obviously).

Heading back into the fandom, I know it’s a dark dark place, but if I can survive it long enough to research 26 topics then you can too! There are a few fandom theories that I seriously love more than words can say.

Potterhead Problem 275 But is it possible to ship Dramione and Romione at the same time?  MY PROBLEM EXACTLY!!!!!!!! WHYYYY???????!!!!!!!:

First: Draco and Harry. That totally makes sense right!? How obsessed they are with each other, their constant competition with each other. It’s perfect.

Imagine Draco reading late one night and Harry just watching Draco through half-opened eyes acting like he's sleeping and watching Draco read and his expressions.:

Harry Potter ~ Drarry Draco x Harry -- I just love how Harry says "my ferret" XD:

Also: Remus and Sirius!

Yes Sirius and Remus are now my newest ship:   Sirius and Remus headcanon - can't decide whether to take this as a pairing or just that what his friends for him, transforming every full moon to be with him meant the world to Remus:

The next, and my hands-down favourite: Dean and Seamus. I mean – come on!! Beyond adorable. This is all fan conjecture, but it is the cutest thing ever.


Fan: hey, for our picture can you pretend, as Dean, to propose to Devon, as Seamus? Alfie: Why? Devon: People like the idea of them as a couple. sure i’ll do it Alfie: Do I want to know how you know that? Devon: … Alfie: okay, sure I’ll do it:

bless the fan who had the courage to ask for this!

Image result for deamus:


14 thoughts on “#atozchallenge : L

  1. Okay, if there are supposed to be pictures, I’m not seeing any of them (too bad because that last one would have been good!). Anyway:

    I used to be like “No, Hermione and Ron belong together, and Harry and Ginny belong together” but you know what? After reading several fan fictions teaming them with other people, I agree with the other fans: those two couples do NOT belong together! I’ve even read one where she wound up with George, and it was just the cutest thing ever! And one that was using the “soulmate’s words tattooed on your arm” premise, where she didn’t realize Fred was hers till after he’d been killed, because the phrase on hers was constantly said by Ron, and only once by Fred in her hearing. That one was really heartbreaking. And the total irony of that one was, he said the phrase on her arm because he had just heard her say the phrase on his. Whoever wrote that one should be hit over the head repeatedly with the entire book series for writing such a heartbreaking ending.

    I love the Dramione ships, at first I was like “No way!” but then after seeing how their pairings came about, it actually made sense (so do the Drarry ones, actually, for all the reasons stated above). I figured that one out about Dumbledore and Grindlewald after reading the seventh book, with all the excerpts from Rita’s “biography” of Dumbledore. It made perfect sense, as close as those two were over that summer. The whole Neville/Luna thing may have been cute for the movie, but yeah he would have been better off with Ginny than Luna, although I like the way Jo paired him with Hannah, it’s actually a good fit. And no one knows what Rolf is like, but if he’s anything like his grandfather (I always think he was Newt’s nephew, I don’t know why, like a great-nephew or something) then he and Luna are perfect together…she was born into a wacky family and married into another one! 😛

    I never really thought about Deamus before, but as much time as those two spend around each other (his brief dating of Ginny notwithstanding) it actually makes sense too. And if Remus and Tonks weren’t such a great fit, I could see the WolfStar ships (they actually do make sense when you read them, even though at first it seems like a worse fit than Dramione). It would definitely explain why Sirius never settled down with anybody else. 😉

    I think Fred and Angelina went to the Yule Ball as just friends, even though it’s not really obvious either way in the book. Either way, they both lost Fred so them comforting each other in their grief and eventually getting together does make sense, and I think it was sweet that they named their son after Fred. I can see him joining the next generation of Marauders, in Uncle Fred’s memory. 😀

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    • I’ve had a few problems with the photos…I don’t like to use up my library space on WordPress so I just copy and paste them from other website (instead of downloading and adding them to the library to input). But I have found if you are veiwing on a phone or tablet they don’t show up. Hopefully you will be able to see them if you switch your device! But great insights to all the pairings! I definitely love all the fanfic pairings over those in the books haha

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      • I prefer the fanfic pairings too, it seems the fans are better at pairing Jo’s characters than she is. 😛 I’m actually using my laptop, my tablet’s battery is too low and for some stupid reason none of the chargers in the house want to charge it anymore (but they have no problems charging my phone, go figure) so I haven’t been able to use it in over a week. Glad they finally decided to start showing up (I can’t decide if it’s my laptop that hates me or the internet itself).

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  2. Okay, and now after saying the pictures weren’t showing up….after I posted my previous comment, when the page reloaded they showed up! Grrr, stupid computer! But now that I can see them…I love them! And I’ve read the second one about Sirius and Remus and I laugh every time. 😀 In that first one, what he should have said, “You want four pups?!? Then you’re house training them!” and wait for Sirius to go, “Wait, what?” before rolling over and going back to sleep, with a huge grin on his face. 😛

    The one of Harry and Draco getting caught together is hilarious, Draco growing and going “Mine!” 😛 Poor Ginny (stupid fangirl crush anyway, I mean come on!) And Hermione’s all like, “Yep makes perfect sense to me!” while Ron’s brain freezes (not an uncommon occurrence, to be sure…). 😀

    The fan picture of “Dean” and “Seamus” is just too cute! They actually look like they were having fun doing that for her!

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  3. For some reason, I have stayed away from fan fiction. And I do think that Hermione and Ron are great together. Let’s agree to disagree. There have been other disturbingly weird couplings that I’ve heard about (read: Snape and Harry, Snape and Hermione)
    Dramione doesn’t sound that bad either. *sigh* ohh, the one with Fred and Hermione.. though I ship Ron and Hermione, if Hermione ending up with Fred meant that he wouldn’t have died in the battle, that would have been a great alternative. His death was one of the most heartbreaking ones. Poor George. I would like to think that young Fred lives up to his dear uncle’s reputation. Remus and Sirius sounds nice but then Teddy wouldn’t have existed. And I love that Teddy Lupin and Victoire Weasley are a couple. Grindelwald and Dumbledore coupling was to be expected (especially after J.K. Rowling announced​ that Dumbledore was gay)
    I loved all those attachment pictures. Was a bit difficult to view them from my phone but it was worth all the trouble! 🙂


  4. I wish that Harry had ended up with Luna, or at least had tried it with her. She was a kindred spirit with him, an outsider, and she was the only one who believed him when he was mocked by everyone else. Plus I have a soft spot for weirdos.

    I would like to imagine that grown-up Harry Potter is having affairs with Hermione and/or Luna behind Ginny’s back. Ron probably knows but he puts up with it, knowing that Hermione is too good for him anyway.

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    • haha! I had never thought about Harry with Luna before, but I think they would make a good match. I was thinking about it since I wrote up that post, and even though I think that Ron/Hermione are not suited for each other, I think that maybe Harry and Ginny could have had a real go at it and had a lasting marriage. But just not Ron and Hermione…even Rowling says she regrets them being together


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