Small Hiatus

I’m taking a little break! 

Don’t worry, it’s just for the weekend! I have a few posts that are already scheduled for A to Z and also for my birthday (because I plan on shamelessly plugging it on Saturday), but other than that, I will be away until Monday.

My boss has been hinting around that I could take my birthday off on Saturday, which would give me a nice 3-day stretch off of work, I had declined a few times but then took her up on it only last night. I secured rides with my brother to and from our parent’s house.

What that means is: I only got confirmation from my boss this afternoon at 3 pm that I could have Saturday off so instead of packing for one night and driving up Saturday, I now have to get organised, packed, and leave tomorrow straight from work and stay until Sunday. It’s going to be a little hectic considering just a few short hours ago I had all of Friday to do things. And then, since it’s a rare chance that all of us are together, I’m not even going to bring my laptop with me. Just my phone.

I will still be reading emails from my phone, but won’t be commenting on/liking your posts as I normally would. Just know that I am reading them and enjoying your writings.

Also, great news! After 4 full days of wear and 4 full days of washing my own dishes plus the dishes at work, and doing laundry, and having my hands be attacked by the puppy, my nails have yet to get a chip or a crack in them! WOOHOO!


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