Nail Art Sunday: Video Edition

Alright, ya’ll – I did it! I made a video! 

I actually had this ready to post Saturday night but was having issues with the video. So sorry for the lateness.

Before we get to the video, let’s talk about the nails.

On the 15th it will be my birthday, so I had to do a birthday theme on my nails this week. The polish I specifically ordered for this design still hasn’t arrived so I had to improvise, which worked out really well! Instead of having to use 5 different colours, I only used 4. Plus the base and top coat of course.

First, the inspiration photo:

Start with a base coat, then paint about half your nail. Paint vertical lines over & add a horizontal line to the tip of your nail to create the bottom of your cupcake. Using a dotting tool create frosting. Dot on your sprinkles and a tiny little heart on top of the cupcake, seal in with a top coat:

I was super excited to do this. Honestly, who wouldn’t be?! Look how adorable they are!! My only concern was doing my left hand as well as my right. I’m left handed so it’s always a gamble to see if I can make the left hand look decent.

Thankfully, last night I could!

Here is the final product on my right hand:

Image may contain: close-up

Ok, so I could have cleaned up around the nail bed before taking the picture but I just couldn’t help myself!

Now for the video.

Ooooo…the video….

I almost didn’t do it. I started it and was like “um nope…this is weird…totally can’t do this…” but then I was also like “umm T, pull yourself together! You got this!” and I totally did.

I started out a little blah, but by the end, I was doing ok.

Then I uploaded the video to my computer. I started to watch it, and the first thing I noticed was that it was upside down. WHAT!

So ok, it is upside down. My voice sounds almost decent which is great. At least I don`t sound like a 5-year-old like I used to.

And it`s also a little blurry. But at least I know for next time.

I started to upload it onto youtube and after about 2 hours, its was only at 29%. It was super late Saturday night so I had to stop it and go to bed. I did find out how to rotate the video on my phone. I did that and then saved it, and transferred it again to my computer. This did not affect the outcome of the video on my computer screen. It is still upside down.

Then Sunday, I had a birthday outing day with the BFF-R and didn’t have enough time to attempt another upload on youtube.

And now it’s Monday so here we are. This morning, the first thing that I did was start the upload. I’m not sure what exactly changed between Saturday night and this morning, but the upload page showed how much time was left. I started it at 7:45 and it said 2 hours and 45 minutes. And now it is 12:40 and it says 3 seconds so I am just patiently waiting for it to finish and to process…whatever that means.

It finished! WOOHOO! But I got the notification in Korean…which is stranger than strange haha.

Ooooo but good news – it turned out the correct way on youtube. So if you want to watch the trainwreck that is my first attempt at a video process instead of just pictures…you can view it here. I can’t say I would recommend it though…

9 thoughts on “Nail Art Sunday: Video Edition

  1. Who knew doing your nails would be such a process? Putting the pieces together for no lobe for fatties. We now know how your voice sounds. Are you coming up with a name for your updated, older blog?

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