Let’s have a serious conversation

I think we have all figured out by now that when I start a post like that, it’s hardly ever serious. 

I have come across a little bit of a dilemma.

I promised you guys a Nail Art Sunday post this week, and I want to deliver that. I had it all planned out. But I needed one specific colour for it. So I ordered just one colour – to put on literally one nail. I know! I KNOW!

The earliest delivery date was listed as today (the latest the 22nd). Now usually this company is super great with getting their products to me on time or even a day or so before. So it’s April 7th, and I am waiting patiently for the email that tells me my polish has arrived!

But what if it doesn’t? I have set aside the time tomorrow night to do my nails since I’ll be out all day Sunday. And I want to get them done this week so that I can have my cute birthday nails all week before my birthday.

So I have a few options, and I can’t decide which to do (first world problems I know).

17 thoughts on “Let’s have a serious conversation

  1. Love it “First World Problems”… so true. This was a hard choice but I say get creative and mix mix mix! Think of the originality of the new color!

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    • I do have a few options! I think I might go ahead with the design as planned and if I have to create a new colour then so be it! But I could still get an email anytime before 3pm tomorrow telling me I can go pick it up at the post office. A girl can hope!

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