#atozchallenge : D

The Dursleys

One set of villains that we are introduced to in this series would be the Dursleys. Right from the very first chapter, we are set up to have a dislike for the Dursleys. And in all honesty, I’m not sure if I can play the devil’s advocate here for them.

First of all, they treat Harry terribly. Like really terribly. I’m not sure anyone can justify their actions in that regard. Like sure, they wanted to keep their own son safe, but I also think that it’s pretty obvious that Harry wasn’t a threat to them in any way.

I think the Vernon is the worst out of the lot. He is the one who is overly abusive to Harry. I truly think that if Vernon hadn’t been in the picture, that Petunia probably would have come around a little bit and eventually ended up caring for Harry.

I understand Petunia’s jealousy of her sister, though. She felt left out and just wanted be with Lily and do the same things that Lily was doing. So I can see the disconnect there.

Dudley is the one that I like the most out of all three of the Dursleys. As a child, he is a spoiled brat, but when one reads the books, you see how he changes over time. He was conditioned as a child to hate Harry and everything magical in the world. But as he gets older, he realises the part that Harry played in keeping the world safe from Voldemort, and it has even been released that as they grew older and had their own families, Dudley would even visit Harry and Ginny in order for their children to know each other and be friends. I think that’s super great. I’m sure they will never all be best friends, but at least the relationship eventually gets repaired to a point.

Now all of that aside, there are a few fandom theories about the Dursleys:

First: that they are only bad people because they are affected by a Horcrux.

well, I feel like the Dursleys were mostly horrible to begin with, but this is and interesting theory!:

Sure, this could be true, except for the fact that in the first book they so clearly state how much distance is already between Petunia and Lily. How they don’t even talk about Lily and James in the house, and Vernon didn’t even know what Harry’s name was before he asked Petunia.

Second: Petunia is also a witch.

Mind blown. Always thought she was a squib.:

This theory is even more far-fetched than the Horcrux one. If Petunia had been a witch, I don’t think that the resentment would have existed between the two sisters. The whole premise for their bad relationship was that Lily was a witch, and when she was accepted to Hogwarts, Petunia felt left behind and thus started the resentment which turned into hatred for the whole wizarding community.

27 thoughts on “#atozchallenge : D

  1. Love your theme!! I think one of the main points Rowling tries to get across with the Dursleys is the danger of being fearful of others’ opinions. Being terrified of “what will the neighbors think?” will actually make you a much worse person (more cruel and selfish) than not giving a fig about keeping up appearances. Rowling champions bravery (Griffyndor house) and therefore portrays cowardice as a serious vice. You might enjoy my old post on the topic (http://laurelgarver.blogspot.com/2011/07/hp-week-what-makes-villain-part-1.html)


  2. Some theories are just too far-fetched! There’s no way Petunia could have been a witch too. I also think that Dudley is the best among the three. He’s the only one that says they didn’t see goodbye to Harry while they are leaving! (and Aunt Petunia tears up and hugs Dudley!) I also think it’s super great that Dudley would visit the Potters so that their children could be friends.

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  3. I just think the Dursleys are just simple people, they don’t want magic in their life and Harry represents that world, but I think if they wouldn’t cruel to Harry, then Harry would not have been all that strong, he would not be as persistent, hardship makes a person strong or rather, it gives them a reason to carry on. I suppose in a way, it is required that Harry suffers from some cruelty and it might as well be the Dursleys.

    I don’t know, I just think it’s better to ignore the Dursleys and forget they were ever around.

    have a lovely day.

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    • All excellent points! I totally agree that Harry wouldn’t have been so strong if they hadn’t been (like Ron in DH complaining over not having food?) It totally made him stronger! Thanks for stopping by!


    • Thanks for stopping by Ann and for your kind words! 🙂 I stopped by yours this morning actually but it’s one of the ones that I’m having trouble commenting on since I don’t want to use my personal gmail sign in – but your post for the letter D was well done! 🙂


  4. I kind of feel angrier with Petunia than with Vernon, because he’s an awful person, but he didn’t have all the facts, whereas she did. She could’ve made more of a difference to Harry’s life, but instead she was bitter and angry and let those emotions rule how she felt towards Harry. But deep down I think that she did love her sister.

    I like the idea of her being a witch who learned to control her powers and sort of denied who she was. That would’ve been an interesting twist.

    Cait @ Click’s Clan

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  5. I could understand why Petunia was like this with Lilly when they were children, but it doesn’t excuse her behaviour once she’s an adult. I too think Dudley is the only half decent one. Once he’s old enough to make his own decision and not just be influenced by his parents, he thaws a little

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  6. I would believe the first one over the second one. I loved the fact that Dudley would come around. He is definitely an example for how hate is taught to children. Luckily he grew to think with his own brain! Where did you read that he visited Harry and Ginny?

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    • Anything outside of book material (or movies) I’ve read on Pinterest. Once I started getting sucked into the dark hole that is fan-fic, the website would just recommend it all for me. It still does but I’m not saving as many as I did before since most of my posts are done now.

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  7. I agree with the others who dislike Petunia more. I think she was the worst of the three. No sympathies for her at all. I do think Dudley is sweet in the way he ultimately comes around a bit. It’s not his fault he got such an awful set of parents.

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