The Principal’s Office

Did you ever have to go to the principal’s office when you were in school? That dreaded feeling of being in trouble, and ooooh man you were gonna get it now! And when you got called in and the door shut behind you? Eeeppp!! 

So this only ever happened once to me. I was in grade 8 and our music teacher (who refused to actually learn how to say my name properly) was showing a movie on Beethoven. There were some parts which were a little bit inappropriate, a little sexual in nature, and my friend and I decided we weren’t going to watch any more of the film. So we took our chairs from the music room, and our bags, and sat in the hallway. The teacher came out to talk to us and when we refused to go back in, he sent us to the office.

Yesterday, at work, I had this same feeling. I was helping 2nd with her math homework and it was about 10 minutes before I was set to leave for the night. The mom comes into the kitchen where we were and asks to talk to me before I leave. Of course, 2nd goes “ooooo somebody’s in trouble!” and the mom tells her I’m not, so that kind of put my mind at ease.

I follow her to the office, and she shuts the door. I start having a little mini-panic attack and actually say, “I’m not in trouble, am I?” I was assured that nothing was the matter.

She started off by telling me how much their family loved me, and how well I have been working with the children (Omg, I’m getting fired…I’ve never been fired before….they pay for my apartment, where will I live?!). Then I got an update on what 1st is going to be expected to be doing in the future. 1st has been having some obedience issues right now, not listening to a single thing ever. So there is a new plan in place which is good. (Ok, so I’m not getting fired). 

Now she is talking about how all her students are leaving for the summer. If ya’ll remember, this family does a home stay for international students. They come to go to high school and live with the family. Apparently, they usually stay all year round, but this year all of her students (except 1) will be graduating so all of them will be leaving for the summer (2 have already left!). Which means that 8 sources of income will be uprooted as of the end of June. (Omg, am I being let go for the summer?! What does this mean?!).

She gets all super serious now, and I’m having an internal freak-out. Basically, my whole life is wrapped up in this family – especially since they provide housing. So she takes a deep breath and then tells me what she has obviously been dreading since she closed the door to the office: Since all the students are leaving for the summer (which never happens), she needs me to move in July.

That’s it?! Seriously?! O-M-G.

Here I was sitting there having a minor heart attack thinking that I just found a nice church and a good doctor and am settling into my place and getting more comfortable on the Toronto bus systems and literally everything else, and all she needs me to do is move?

I told her it was totally fine and she literally started to cry. She was so worried that I’d be so upset over that news. I knew it was coming eventually. Sure neither of us knew it would be this soon (she said she had hoped it wouldn’t have been this soon), but there are rooms available now in the guest house so move I must.

I am definitely going to miss my swanky little apartment with it’s rain shower and TV that connects to my Netflix account so I can stream on the TV and not my laptop (it’s not a smart TV), and the hole in the wall waiting for the electric fireplace to go in, and all my privacy. But I can’t expect them to pay for it when they will have so many empty rooms.

Thankfully, since all the students are leaving, I will get the best room in the guest house.  I was under the impression that when I left this amazing apartment I would be going into the nanny suite at the guest house, but that’s not possible since it will still be occupied. So I will just get a single room – bed and desk provided. It will have a window (I guess some of the rooms don’t?) and there is a little “prep station” in the room with a sink, plus a little enclave there as well. She said the old nanny who lived there used it to work out and to paint so it must be of substantial size?

Other than that, I will have to share a bathroom and the kitchen. It means that I don’t need all my kitchen stuff anymore which kind of sucks. The microwave which was a Christmas gift will be boxed back up, as will the kettle and all my dishes and stuff. She said I am more than able to use my own things but the kitchen is already fully stocked. And I’ll have to share the fridge/freezer space. It’ll be just like living in student housing my last semester in university.

BUT there are also some upsides to this:

  • the house is right on the corner with the main road, which means that there are bus stops directly in front of the house
  • if I forget anything at home, I am always in the guest house with the kids at least once a day so no big deal.
  • I won’t be living in a basement anymore (even though I honestly love it here)
  • I don’t have to hike up the hill every day (and in the humid summer months I will love this)
  • I can go to my favourite grocery store since I don’t have to hike my food all the way up the hill anymore
  • I will no longer be responsible for cleaning my entire apartment (just my room)
  • Gas stove! Not electric! (although the burners don’t light properly and I don’t think the oven works)
  • Closer to work – 3ish minute walk instead of 10 (but I think that walking up that hill every day is part of my weight loss)
  • The support worker who also lives there used to work in hotels doing manicures and pedicures!
  • will probably be offered dinner Friday nights even when I’m not working
  • can go to church with the support worker right from the house instead of us trying to meet on the bus


  • less privacy
  • around people all the time
  • can’t really have friends over anymore
  • no tv or living room to just chill in
  • the kids still come by on my days off
  • Alfonso is scared the kids might steal him or the dogs might chew on him. I mean just look at that face – he’s a little upset. But we’ve been through all sorts of moves over the last 3.5 years together so I’m sure he will adjust.

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So in just a few shorts months, I’ll have to pack everything up again and resettle. But like I said, I knew it was coming, just no one thought it would be so soon.

5 thoughts on “The Principal’s Office

  1. That sucks about the privacy thing but to not have to walk up a hill in the summer this girl would be doing backflips! But yea the privacy thing sucks but there are many pros there. Proud of you for drawing those silver lines!

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  2. I’m really impressed with how you’re handling this! Fantastic resiliency, and you’re right, far more pros. And with packing away your stuff for the time-being, you’ll get much more life out of them in the long run 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    • Aw thanks! I knew a move was in the future when I took this job at the end of November but was told it would be a year or two at least. But the summer was also a possibility so I’ve tried to live simply just in case since then. I will adjust in no time once July arrives and I get settled in. And very true about having my stuff last longer! Bonus positive point!

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