#atozchallenge Sadness

I love the A to Z Challenge! This year there has been a little bit of a change, but even that’s ok and doesn’t take away from the fun of it all. 

This year there is no list for you to sign up on. It makes the process a little bit more involved for the blogger who wants to participate because now you have to post a link to your site. It takes me about 35 seconds to be honest, so that’s not really a big chunk of time taken away from my morning. When I go to paste the link to my new post, I always take a minute to scroll through the other links that have already been posted. This morning there was over 250 links to choose from! I selected a small handful to read after I uploaded my own link.

On the A to Z site, I always have to change what username appears. It’s on blogger which is connected to Gmail. I am always signed in as my personal account, not my blog account, but it is super easy to change to my username and URL for this blog.

Then, this morning, I headed on over to some of the other blogs I wanted to check out for the first time. I got my hyperlink signature all ready to go so I could leave comments on blogs not connected to WordPress, and then I hit a snag.

All the blogs that I wanted to comment on had the same function as the A to Z website. I would enter in my own username and password, but it would still post as my personal account. I could not change the username identity!

So for all those blogs that I visited this morning who posted some great articles for the letter B – I know you’ll never see this because I can’t actually post to your comments and leave a link for you to come here. Just know that I thought your writing was great and I’ve bookmarked a few of you to return to over the rest of the month!

16 thoughts on “#atozchallenge Sadness

  1. Um. Please don’t hurt me… or hate me… but ‘sadness’ only has one d. 😀

    When I go to Blogger sites, it doesn’t seem to recognize me at all which is weird because I’m always logged into Google. But… when commenting on the A to Z site, I was able to use the drop down and choose WordPress… and enter my username. Oh… also, I had to use a different browser to “load more’ of the comments. It wasn’t working in chrome…

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  2. I stay logged in on my blog account when I’m on my computer, but fire up an incognito window to do stuff on my other login. It’s frustrating when I forget to switch the two.

    I’m also finding the list of comments on the blog post a little daunting. I’m trying to go to the very bottom of the list because I figure those guys won’t be getting as much attention as the ones at the top.

    Cait @ Click’s Clan

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    • I’ve just started bookmarking the blogs that I really enjoy and hope that when I mention them in my reflection that they will see it. There are lots of great blogs in the challenge outside of wordpress – I’m not sure I could limit myself to only wordpress participants


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