Do you know the worship song that goes “every blessing you pour out, I’ll turn back to praise” ? Well here’s a whole lot of praise for some blessings! 

  1. My employer forgot (or has stopped cos its been more than 3 months, I’m not sure what my contract says) my April bus pass. It is now April 2nd and I’ve used the March one 3 times without a bus driver making me pay. The first two by complete accident yesterday (I didn’t even realise until I got home) and the 3rd on my way to church since I only had $20s in my wallet and no exact change for the ride to church. I got change after and made sure to pay my fair on the way home after my doctor’s appointment.
  2. I woke up feeling utterly terrible but I forced myself to go to church since one of the care workers from my job wanted to go with me. I went, I got a hard slap in the face from God on a few things, and now I feel better.
  3. I know for sure now that the church I went to this week and last is not Calvinist. I know that we are all Christians and we shouldn’t judge each other’s denominations but I can’t support a few of their teachings, and I really liked this church so I am glad I have discovered this.
  4. I had enough time to eat lunch before my doctor’s appointment.
  5. My appointment to check my test results was today and every. single. test. came. back. 100%. ok. OMG which means I have been lying to you good folks for as long as I’ve had this blog. I DON’T HAVE PCOS! There is literally nothing wrong with my baby makers and my uterus is apparently in the best position possible for future baby-making. I didn’t tell my mum this because I’m still in the “meh don’t really want to have kids” camp. No PCOS, no thyroid problems, “nowhere even close to even starting to be diabetic” (doc’s exact words), no iron problems, no sugar problems. NO. PROBLEMS. Except my blood pressure which was super duper high but I kind of power walked from lunch to the doctor’s office because I thought I was going to be late and I was seriously stressing over the test results like I always do. 
  6. I’ve lost over 15 lbs since Christmas!
  7. My doctor finally gets why I told him my old doctor was a looney bat – and she was also the reason why I was freaking out over PCOS and diabetes (although that’s partly family history as well).
  8. It’s a beautiful 13 degrees out and my windows in my apartment are open allowing the lovely fresh air in.
  9. My new shoes this season are a perfect colour match to my spring coat and I got to wear both of them today.

So let me completely give the praise up because today, as with every day, I am fully blessed.

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