The universe has aligned itself once more

FINALLY! I am back in the good graces of the universe. 

Today at work it was a pretty easy day. We had a “family meeting” which was nice to be included in since the kids say me there hearing what their mom was talking about. I was able to have a (mostly) quiet and well run time at work, even having a little bit of extra time to hem up 3rd’s karate pants (he earned his uniform and white belt about a month ago and his pants are way too long). I hemmed 2nd’s pants on Thursday (she only earned her uniform this week) so I wanted to fit in 3rd’s as well since I was on a roll with my sewing.

I left work about 10ish minutes later than I was supposed to since 3rd would not give back my iPad. I even told him that I was going to be late (for some quiet time in my apartment) and he asked me what I was doing so I said, “It’s Saturday, I have places to go and things to do.” I just didn’t say that the place was my house and that the things included watching tv and eating ice cream – but he didn’t need to know that haha!

Since I left a little late, I was waiting for the bus and saw the personal care worker for Granny coming out of the dinner house, and we met up at at the bus stop. She was headed for the mall I was going to deposit my pay so we rode together and spent 2 hours just talking – walked the small mall and got a Tim’s drink together, and saw the most beautiful man I’ve seen since I moved here! It was great. Now she’s joining me for church in the morning!

I got home to put some papers away and realised that it’s April 1st! I knew it all day since it’s my Daddy’s birthday, but I had used my March bus pass going to and from the mall with no problems!! Fingers crossed I can use it to get to church tomorrow without any problems as well. After church, I’ll have the opportunity to get exact change for the bus ride home. If the driver says anything, I’m hoping a slightly shocked “OMG! I am so sorry I forgot!!” and my adorable little face will get me out of trouble (she thinks mighty high of herself doesn’t she?)

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