#atozchallenge is here!

Just a little reminder that through all of April, this blog will be taken over by A to Z Madness! Each day I will be posting something to do with Harry Potter. I apologise to those people who don’t like Harry Potter, or who haven’t read it or watched the movies (but should I really? Maybe you should be the one apologising to me?) I’m hoping to get most posts scheduled on Fridays for the following week (making good use of my day off work) so I can still be free to write about other things on my blog (like my birthday! WOOHOO!)

All information for these Harry Potter posts have come from a variety of sources. I’ll list them here so I don’t have to deal with itΒ every. single. day. for the next month:

  1. My own thoughts and opinions!
  2. Pinterest (mostly the pictures which will be included but also any mention of fan theories)
  3. Harry Potter Wiki
  4. The Harry Potter Glossary

I’ve made this a sticky post (my first ever!) but I’ll take it down at the end of the month.

Wishing everyone who is participating in A to Z good luck with your posts and making it to the end!

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