I angered the universe

Yesterday morning was great. Finding a new church definitely set me up for a good day. But then afternoon came. 

I walked down the road from the church towards the doctor’s office. It is in a small plaza which has a “Mr Greek” where I wanted to eat for lunch. I arrived there and found out that it was for take-out or catering only. The only thing working in the building was their kitchen. I guess they are in the renovation process. Disappointment #1.

I walked across the parking lot to a brunch place and had a very delicious lunch. My waitress was kind and super attentive. Until I was done eating that is. I piled my utensils and napkin on the plate when I was ready to go, and another waitress noticed it. From that moment on it took almost 20 minutes to get my cheque and to pay. Even after she took my plate I still had to wait another 10 minutes to actually pay. It seemed like she had forgotten about me. Disappointment #2.

While I was waiting, I was looking outside at the grey weather and the wind which was making it very chilly. Then, just like the heavens were ripped open, it started to pour. Like sheets of water coming down. There was such a small chance of rain all day, I wore my sneakers and not my rainboots. I knew I was in trouble. The rain was now falling sideways because of the wind. Disappointment #3.

I had time to walk to Chapters between lunch and my doctor’s appointment. Thankfully, I had brought my little umbrella with me. I opened it and started to walk the 5 minutes up the road to the bookstore. By the time I got there, my feet were soaked (disappointment #4) and my umbrella had been popped inside out by the wind breaking one of the spokes (#5).

Inside, the store was warm and dry. I had about 20 minutes to fill so I took my time wandering around. I found a nice new bible and a birthday card for my dad. I paid, and it was less than I was expecting so that was good. I left the store, to find the rain had almost stopped but the wind was still horrible! By the time I got to the main road from the store, the rain had completely stopped so I was trying to put my umbrella to rights. It was inside out again, and at least one more spoke was broken (Disappointment #6). I snuck into a bus shelter to get out of the wind, and in the process of getting my umbrella the right way around and folding it to put it away, one of the broken spokes punctured the fabric (#7).

Got to the doctor’s office and met my new doctor. I was telling him a little about my past history and how I had a doctor in my teens which would just tell me random things whenever I went in. Chest infection? No, it’s just a cold, and you’ll get diabetes if you don’t lose weight. Routine blood check with elevated levels of a certain chemical? No questions asked about my eating habits, in a few months you’ll have gout so come back and see me then, oh and you’re going to get diabetes. A problem with a urine test? You have a kidney infection, oh and you’re going to get diabetes. My new doctor didn’t really believe me about this, because who would tell an 18-year old that they were going to get gout?! He says it was just a communication problem but I assure you it wasn’t (#8). Thankfully he is testing me for PCOS, which rocks. He said that there is a treatment for it! So I might be able to get a handle on the hair issues I have. No other doctor has even offered to test me for it – even if they have mentioned that it’s a possibility that I might have it.

The only issue is that now I have to have some tests done. And he wanted to test me for diabetes because I brought it up. Blood work yesterday at the office (#9), and an ultrasound sometime this week (#10).

I’m not exactly sure what I did to cause the full wrath of the universe to come down on me yesterday, but I hope that it has been satisfied in my suffering enough to move on to someone else now.

8 thoughts on “I angered the universe

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