Further Spring-time fun

Well, it’s been quite a week my friends. But Friday has finally arrived and I get to spend the whole day in my apartment, pretending the world doesn’t exist and going through a massive to-do list. 

To recap this week: I’ve only been almost run over once (never saw the car again), the puddle in my apartment was a one time thing (professionals have been and found the problem which is an easy fix), I’ve had two sick kidlets (Tuesday and Thursday), one throwing up kidlet (Thursday), only 3 tantrums (all on Thursday), a puppy who still doesn’t go to the door when he needs to pee (it’s been almost 3 weeks now and no progress has been made), my allergies are attempting to kill me, a super excited kidlet over her birthday present, an entire evening spent making tissue paper flowers for birthday goodie bags, and much more.

My day off is very welcomed. And it’s already been super productive. I did the grown up thing once again and made an actual phone call. This time to the doctor’s office I mentioned earlier this week. They are still accepting patients (thank goodness!) and I am booked in to see a doctor on Sunday. YES SUNDAY. I had the choice of two doctors. The man on the phone rattled off the first schedule which included the doctor working full days on Friday and Sundays, which are my two days off work. I didn’t even listen to the other scheduled I was like “um wow yes that sounds great!” I also explained that my current doctor is retiring so I have this package of papers detailing a switch to a different doctor so I’m to bring that on Sunday.

The news just keeps getting better. I saw the sign for this doctor’s office while I was walking to Michael’s last week. It’s about halfway down the street I was walking down (less than 5 minutes from the bus stop I get off of on the main road). If I keep walking then I get to Michael’s, and also the largest Chapter’s store I have ever seen in my entire life! But if you head up the other way, there is a church I have decided to check out. So I will go to church Sunday morning, then get some lunch and waste time in the Chapters until my doctor’s appointment. I kind of want a new bible, but I’m on the fence about what version to get so the trip to Michael’s might end up in a purchase, but who knows. I had planned on going to the movies after church but that might not happen. We shall see. I am just super excited to actually be going to church. I haven’t had the desire to go to church in over two years, so I’m riding this wave of renewed desire.

My brother has informed me that he is going axe throwing tonight. Yes…axe throwing. Here’s a link to a company based in Toronto. I feel like now I want to try it, but I definitely fit with all the negative stereotypes attached to the saying “throws like a girl”

I’m also going to sign up for this website Meet Up. My landlord told me about it. It’s this thing where you put in your hobbies and your age bracket and you get to meet other people who are interested in the same things. I did a quick little look around on it the other day and there are lots of categories I would be interested in (book clubs, photography groups, knitting groups, etc). So I will take the initiative to sign up today. He did emphasise the “single people in your age group” thing, though. Everyone seems to be wanting to set me up lately. Tsk tsk peeps.

It seems like my entire day is planned out with lots of things to do, but at least I don’t have to go outside. I might even squeeze in a mid-afternoon nap. Heavenly!


16 thoughts on “Further Spring-time fun

  1. It sounds like you’ve had a busy weekend. Do you use puppy pee pads? They are pads scented with something so that puppies know to use them. You keep moving them closer to the door and then the puppy scratches at the door when he has to go out?


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