Cold and Flu Season

I have been waiting to admit this for some time now, but since it is officially spring, I think it is safe to be honest. 

For the first time in probably 5-6 years, I have managed to survive the entire winter without a cold. Now, I am fully aware that since I have put this out into the universe I will be struck down my some sort of biblical plague just for spite, but I am willing to take that chance!

From the first official day of winter, until now, I have not been sick. Sure I have had a few days where I have felt under the weather and totally run down (like today for instance where all my muscles have decided to put up a protest on moving) but for the most part no illness. No little colds, no flu, no need to visit a doctor to get medicine, no coughing and wheezing. I am shocked.

But now since I have declared this to the world, I am preparing for the consequences. Today I have no energy. It feels like I haven’t slept in days, my muscles are sore and achy. I felt like this last Wednesday but it only lasted for one day. Hopefully, it will be the same today. But if not, I have enough homemade chicken soup to last me about 4 days (if I literally eat nothing else), plus some extra broth saved up for other cooking so I can technically make more if I need to.

Here’s hoping I don’t need to.

By writing this, I am not admitting that I have defeated Mother Nature, or the Winter Spirit. Should those two powers actually read this post, know that I have the utmost respect for both and am in no way taunting, or disrespecting, you. 


12 thoughts on “Cold and Flu Season

  1. I hope you haven’t jinxed yourself! I feel like I did that yesterday! I finally had a “perk” to most after almost 4 months… and then this morning went to hell. A little better now… but wtf? I’m not allowed to have nothing crappy for more than about 12 hours at a time! And it;s usually more like 6-8. Poop.

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  2. Go steady! I was celebrating the fact that since starting to take Vitamin D I’d not had more than a sniffle for nigh on a year. And then went down with the longest, worst cold, flu-virus, bug thing.

    Make sure you have plenty of orange juice and ‘super foods’ in stock, just in case. 😉

    Cait @ Click’s Clan

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