Puddles are great, aren’t they? 

Unless it’s 9 pm and you just got home from work.

And the puddle is in the middle of your floor.

With no water line showing you where it came from.

But it’s just a small puddle.

But where did it come from?!

And your landlord hopes he doesn’t have to dig up the floor. And he asks if there have been any problems lately with the pipes…perhaps putting things down the toilet? Or even just using too much toilet paper.

But you remembered when you moved in he warned you about the sensitive pipes so you’ve been super extra careful about it, and really, you’re a grown woman. Why would you be putting anything down the toilet that shouldn’t be there?

And you weren’t home for 6.5 hours so who was in your apartment running water? And you know you didn’t spill anything as you walked out to work at 2:15 that afternoon. Why would I text him to come down at 9 pm at night if I had made the puddle myself?

And there’s no leak from the ceiling…and no water trail! It’s literally just halfway between the stairs and the start of the kitchen cabinet.

So you clean it all up, and the landlord pulls out a dehumidifier and leaves it on all night. And when you wake up there is no new puddle and the machine is still going so it couldn’t have been really damp down here because when it gets full it just automatically turns itself off.

And now there will be plumbers coming to check it out…


7 thoughts on “Puddles

    • Hehe! Actually just got home about an hour ago and found out what happened! A small pump was broken in my utility closet and the water had been pooling up for a while, and it just finally seeped out! So someone will be coming tomorrow to fix it. Exciting!

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