Spring Time Blessings

Do you find that people are in such a better mood now that it is officially spring?

Yesterday was a horrid day, but now that spring has been here for more than 24 hours, I can feel the rejuvenating vibes being wafted at me.

I had to be an adult today: put on my big girl pants and go to the bank. I had a few things to get sorted which I have been putting off for far too long.

As I was leaving the house, I heard a car start our front. Apparently, my landlord was leaving for work at the same time. I was about two houses away when he came out of the house and yelled for me. I was glad we had a chance to chat since I felt so bad about hanging up on him last night. He said he knew I was working so it was no problem. And then when I told him why I had to go so quickly, he had a good laugh over it. He offered to drive me up to the main road on his way to work, but since it was such a nice day out today I walked. I’m glad I did because it was lovely.

I arrived at the mall where the bank is about 30 minutes early so I took the time to go to the drugstore to pick out 2nd’s birthday present. I have been agonising over it for about a month since her mom told me that my first idea wasn’t something they would like for the girls. Which I totally understand, and it’s why I asked. So I settled on nail things instead. She has started to really care for her nails, and I think has adopted just a touch of my manicure addiction. I’m all for these types of addictions. Especially if the person takes up the care to learn for themselves. It’s much better than having to spend $40 or more every few weeks to have someone else do it for you. The lady in the store was super helpful and when I told her that it wasn’t a manicure day for me, but for a little girl I nanny for and who I am sharing my love of nails with, she even put in some free samples to top up the gift! 2nd is getting spoiled!

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At the top of the photo are all the extras: I was given a $10 off coupon for online shopping that is valid until the end of the month, but I know I won’t be able to use it so I just tucked it into the box. Then the three polishes: a nice green colour, and the other two are top coats. One is a “satin matte” and the other is an “ombre” so the more coats you apply to your nail, the lighter it will become. How freaking cool is that?!

I bought her some stickers (glow in the dark I discovered when I got home) and then some nail strips to help her make her own french manicures, a french manicure white pen, a dotter, and a start up nail kit.

Then a cute little box to hold it all:

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The lady in the store did a very Asian thing as she was placing the free items into the bag – thanked me for being her first customer of the day and then offered me blessings on my way.

The bank went a little bit more as bank things go. After over an hour I left with everything almost settled. Just waiting for one form to go through their system and I should hear back in a few days or so.

Then onto my special treat! Yesterday, while wrestling with the two pups outside, I saw a roll up tab on the ground – for a free coffee!! Picked it up off the ground and got myself a little pick-me-up for the way home today. Sadly, I didn’t win with that cup, but I guess you can’t have everything.

Hopefully, the rest of the day goes without issue and no mad drivers are out chasing me down the street.


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