Mini Life Shattering Things

Do you ever have little things in your life, that are basically insignificant, but cause you to go into a tailspin? 

For those who read my blog, you might have come across the fact that I hate making personal phone calls. I don’t even call my parents if I can avoid it. Text and email work perfectly fine for me.

This morning I had to call my dentist. I’ve been putting it off for a few weeks, but it’s about time that I had another check up, and I LOVE my dentist (read about my last appointment here). So I called and was put on hold right away, no biggie. Then got taken off hold and my throat decided to go into a coughing fit so I put the phone on mute, then hung up and called back. I felt so bad but I couldn’t breathe.

I asked to book an appointment and this new lady on the phone was like “well how about tomorrow?” and I just chuckled and said “Oh, no. I have a few requirements: I need a Friday appointment, after 10 am, and with M”.

Friday’s are my day off, and if I’m going to rent a car and drive to Kitchener, I’m going to want it on my day off so that I don’t have to be rushed and I can squeeze in seeing some friends as well. I’m driving from the far side of Toronto, so I need to make sure that I can get around rush hour on the highway. And M – well, she has been my only hygienist for the last 7-8 years. She is amazing. We have so much in common, and she is such a bubbly person.

This new lady on the phone paused, and quickly said, “Um hold please…” Then I got someone I recognised! She has been there for at least 15 years and knows me well. So I told her my name, and we had a nice little greeting and then told her the requirements for my appointment. She said, “No problems, except M is no longer with us.”


She apparently got an offer for a job closer to her home. I am crushed. I booked in with her best work buddy, who I’ve had before while M was on vacation and whatnot, and who does a great job. But it’s just not the same. She can’t just leave me like that! I literally asked on the phone, “but who is going to clean my teeth now?!” There was literally no other option for me in my mind.

The appointment is in a month since I have to be so specific with my appointment times. This might actually be good. It might persuade me to switch to a dentist which is closer to me.  But it’s hard to change things like that. I’ve only been to this one dentist. Well, except for the dentists I saw when I was in Korea. They have literally seen me through my entire life.

Now to change my doctor…the one I am currently registered with is retiring but that’s out where my parents live. I can justify a 45-minute drive to the dentist since most of my friends live in the city, but I can’t justify a 2.5-hour drive for a doctor’s appointment. While I was out yesterday I found a sign saying that a doctor’s office was accepting new patients. So that’s another phone call….which can probably wait for a day or two…

9 thoughts on “Mini Life Shattering Things

  1. I hate using the phone too. I can manage to do it for work (because I have to) but I properly hate phoning for other stuff. I’m in desperate need of a plumber and it’s so hard to get one to respond without phoning so I’m just tolerating no hot water in the bathroom sink and not cold water in the kitchen sink. It’s madness really…

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    • I am the exact same. I have no issues using the phone for work, but personal things get neglected. I needed to make an appointment with the bank, and instead of just calling them, I waited until I had a reason to be in the same plaza and just walked in to make the appointment.

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  2. I think you know how I feel about the phone. I’d rather… um… I don’t know… clean the bathroom? Have major surgery? I HATE it so much. Even family. I wish there was no suck thing as talking on the phone. I’m fine with texting and emailing…

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  3. I completely understand! I HATE talking on the phone but more so with strangers. Also I am still looking for doctors I can mesh well with so I envy you had one and she should have at least let you say goodbye!

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