I almost died today…

I’m not even joking. I literally almost died on the way to work today.

Picture this:

Me: adorable, headphones in, music starting, as I’m walking down my driveway towards the street. I live on a quiet residential street.

As I get to the end of the driveway, I notice a car coming down the road. I slow my pace (I’m popping in my head to the music) and prepare to wait before crossing the road. There is no sidewalk on my side of the street so I always cross right in front of my house. So I look at this car, it’s slowing down. I’m thinking “ok, it sees me. Good. I’ll just wait for it to pass”.

And then it just stops. In the middle of the road. Not like in one lane, in front of a house, but literally in the middle of the road. I thought it would be reversing into a driveway – why else would a car just stop in the middle of the road. So by now, I’m at the end of my driveway. I hesitate a little before stepping into the street, actually stopping, but the car isn’t moving. I wait and still no movement so I take my first step into the street. By step two, 1/4 of the way across, the car starts revving its engine. Then, the tires start to spin – like it’s in park but the driver is pressing the gas. Then it starts to move and speeding RIGHT TOWARDS ME!

I’m thinking to myself – there is no way this is happening! No way! I keep walking calmly to the other side of the road (like I’m going to walk fast while some loser decides to scare me right outside of my house?! NO WAY). I get to the curb JUST as the car passes me.

All I know is that it was a white car. There was a guy walking on the sidewalk towards me, maybe he got the plate number and reported it.

I got to work and told my boss all about it, at first when I said someone literally tried to run me over, she thought I was exaggerating but by the end of the story, she had me sitting down to call the police and texting my landlord. So the landlord called me while I was on the phone with the police, who said they can’t do anything because I don’t have the plate number. But if I ever get it, they will track them down. I had a quick chat with my landlord and he was making sure I was ok (he says that I’m like family and he’s got to protect his mom and me now). Then he called back a few hours later. He had talked to the neighbours and they have noticed this small white car around the area as well. One of them even told my landlord that they had watched it park in front of our house and get out to look at one of the cars in the driveway. I made a lot of noise when I got home to signal that I actually made it, thinking he’d want to pop down and see how I was. The pup was eating a ketchup packet off the ground during that last phone conversation so I had to cut him off and hang up to untangle myself from the leash and then get the dirty packet out of pup’s mouth.

Then on top of all that, the pup has mauled my hands. I have scratches from his teeth all over my hands and wrists. It actually looks like I’m recovering from self-inflicted wounds on my right wrist. And I’ve just felt so rushed and frantic the whole day. Glad to be home, and now that I’ve had an amazing hot shower, I’m going to go snuggle into my bed, read the chapter where Dumbledore gets killed, and go to sleep. Probably to have some crazy dreams about being chased by white cars….most likely with Snoop Dog driving them HAHA.


25 thoughts on “I almost died today…

    • HAHA yeah I know such a shock! Every time Sirius dies, I text my friend and am like “OMG NOOOOOO” lol and then when Voldemort dies at the end of the movies, I’m always “who do they THINK they are killing Ralph?! Do they even KNOW WHO HE IS!?” I get all over dramatic about it

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    • Yeah I know! I was kicking myself over it after…I think I was more worried about not rushing to the other side, letting the driver think that he was intimidating me (I only assume it was a guy). But I’ll be careful from now on and if it happens again (I hope not!) I’ll try to get the plate number.

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    • I am! 🙂 A little jumpy on my walk home tonight, but other than that it’s all good. Although, I did come home to a puddle on my floor so we shall see what the next few days bring with that


    • Aww thanks! I’m very much a “don’t let them see your fear” type of person. Last night I was a little jumpy walking home after dark, but I can’t be afraid to walk in my own neighbourhood. Just gotta get back out there and keep going 😉


  1. People are lunatics today. Their mindset is totally screwed up with little to no conscience presence. They think they are invincible and can escape any situation without reprimand. I’m glad you were able to laugh at death’s face and say, “Not today!”


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