March Break

While this week may have been a break for the kidlets, it most definitely wasn’t a break for me. 


The kidlets were at this day camp all week so Monday was mostly a relaxing day at the house. The French tutor was at the guest house doing some chores there while I stayed at the main house and did my regular work. Then the kids came home late (after having a hair appointment) and the French Tutor and I switched places. I went to the guest house for dinner and she stayed at the main house with all the kids except 3rd. I got to take him to his soccer game – the first time I’ve ever seen him play! I was texting for a bit of it but I tried to pay attention as much as possible. All the way up until it was 2:2 with like 10 minutes left and a group of people (all looking around 19-22) came to get ready for their game right after. Their friends showed up and literally stood right in front of me. Being the well trained Canadian that I am, I didn’t say anything…just huffed and pulled out my cell phone. I missed seeing a goal which meant that 3rd’s team won the match. They eventually moved so I could see the last 5 minutes, but only after one of their group got up and pulled them out of the way. Half-apologies were issued as they stepped to the side.


Tuesday was not a good day. I was at home with the new puppy for about 2 hours by myself. In that time, I took him outside SIX TIMES. Each time he did his business on the grass and then decided to run and jump in the snow. It was FREEZING (windchill of -20 here peeps) and I was out there in just my sweater and wearing damp boots. Also during that 2-hour window, I had to clean up THREE messes in the house. This dog will NOT stop peeing and I’m the one who has to clean it up. Even when all the kids and the mom is home, if he pees, the kids yell for ME. So now the dog follows me everywhere and if I’m standing still will lay down and sleep behind me like I’m it’s mother or something. This is why I don’t have children…I have no patience for this stage of life. All my nail polish was off by this day as well. It was too thick and literally just peeled off in full sheets.


Again at the house all alone. No inside messes thank Goodness! I arrive at 2:30, by 5 still no one is home so I text the mom to see if it would be ok to head to the other house to do some dishes and stuff. She says they are already there… Wednesday was the day I felt like death. I had no energy, my nose was all stuffy, I could barely keep my eyes open. So I bundled up and walked over there to rush my dinner because they were all ready to leave as soon as I got there.


Was a good day. All the kids were in a good mood, it was piano day, pasta day for dinner (a meal that all the kids like to eat), the dog was well behaved and starting his first day of training. It was nice. I finally had energy again.

All four days I ended up staying late. Sometimes once 15 minutes, once 2 hours (I knew ahead of time for that day). But a few cute firsts happened as well. Monday, while watching a bedtime movie with the kids, 4th sat on the couch beside me, laid her head on my lap and pulled my arm around her as she watched. Finally a use for my thick thighs: pillows! All the kids made birthday cards for two of their aunts. And as I was walking out the door last night, I said goodnight to everyone and got a “night night, I love you! Night night” from 4th. How sweet!

Last night I was also reading stories to 4th. Here is a page from one of the books that seemed just slightly inappropriate:

Image may contain: text

Ummm…. yeah.

Also good news: I finally earned enough points from my survey site to get a $25 gift card for Amazon! I am so happy!! I’ve picked out a few things to add to my nail art obsession, but I really wanted this one specific colour. The colour swatches on the site are really hard to see the true colour of the polish, so I sent an email request to the company asking for some guidance on this specific colour. And they did something EVEN BETTER. They sent me better pictures! Just look at these beauties:

Image may contain: indoor

Image may contain: indoor

I’m so excited. They said I can order any colour off of these two pictures (even if it’s not listed on their amazon posting). EEEEEPPPP!! Now to just stare at my screen and pick the right one I need for my birthday nails and hope that it gets here in time.


Finally my day off. I’m making chicken noodle soup to kick the end of this cold to the curb, doing all my regular Friday activities, plus my taxes. And trying to decide what the meaning of the dream I had last night. Maybe ya’ll can help me out:

Snoop Dog asked me to marry him, I was like “um YES!” (ew.. why sleeping T?! WHY) and then I told him he couldn’t “do chronic” in front of my Dad. He flipped out. Some crazy fan girl found out and chased me with a knife.

My idea: I’m taking too much Buckleys and need to stop.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day my darling Giggling Followers! See you all on Monday.


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