Nail Art Sunday

Well, it turned out to be a rather disappointing day.

With St. Patrick’s Day at the end of the week, I decided that I wanted to try my hand at some festive nail art this week. After a quick stop on Pinterest, I found a few examples of things that I might be able to duplicate at home. I settled on this design:

Irish nails:

When I received my large shipment of gel colours, I had two greens in it. A spring green and a mint green. I took a quick look at the colours before I started and decided that the spring green would be the colour that would suit my needs the best for the day. I also pulled out my white.

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I then tried to set up my camera to record my session. It worked well on the stand that I made quickly last night, but it was awkward so I will try to get that working next time.

Of course, I started off by doing my cuticle care, and a base coat. I went to apply the spring green to my nails, but it was super super thin. I decided to put a base coat of white on first, before the green. I then proceeded to put three coats of the green on my nails. It still ended up a little see-through and blotchy. Definitely not impressed with it being so thin.

Image may contain: one or more people, ring and close-up

Like always, my right hand has the ring finger as the accent, and my left has the pointer finger. These two stayed white.

I then took one of my dotters and a little bit of aluminium foil. Tapping some green polish onto the foil, I started to design my clovers.

No automatic alt text available.

To make the clovers, I took a little bit of polish on the the dotter and made two dots close together. Then I pulled them towards each other to make a heart shape. I should have only done 3 hearts but didn’t take a look at my “inspiration picture” before I started, and I did 4. After setting the polish under the light, I ended up taking the smallest of my brushes (#000) and using it to add a second layer of green to the heart shapes. I tried to add a little stem, but it looked super weird so I took it off.

Image may contain: one or more people and close-up

My left hand took a much longer time than my right. Being left handed, it was very difficult to get the hearts on my nail, and I actually flipped the dotter around to use the smaller ball on the other side. A second coat was needed on my left hand as well for the hearts but they don’t look great.

Top coat was applied to all the nails, and now they are shiny and ready for the week. They look sorta cute. I mean they look festive enough for the week. I’m sure anyone looking at them will probably assume that they are supposed to be clovers. I didn’t seal the edges like I normally would since I’m not exactly thrilled with how they turned out. The polish will only last a week that’s for sure. Hopefully, my attempt at cupcake nails for my birthday will work out better.

Movie selection for this session: Saving Private Ryan.


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