Angry Canadians

Question good people of WordPress: why is everyone so surprised when Canadians get angry? 

It happens – a lot. One of the most annoy and funny things in my life is the look on people’s faces when I get angry. I’m usually unicorns and rainbows, but I get angry just like everyone else.

I guess for me personally, it takes a lot for me to get angry. I’m one of those people who tries to let the little things slide but after a while, all the little things add up and I get super angry. Then my teacher voice comes out – which is scary and I personally don’t like using it.

But then people are all “omg I’ve never heard you actually yell before. You never yell. You’re always so calm.”

Really? Think about my DNA folks: I’m half German, half Scottish, a natural flaming ginger,


Image may contain: one or more people and sunglasses

isn’t baby T cute?!


AND I come from a country who’s national sport is huge-ass grown men (and women) running over ice with knives glued to their shoes and when someone gets slashed in the throat (it happens ya’ll) we patiently wait for the Zamboni to melt the blood stain away and we start playing again like nothing happened.

And you think I never get angry?


Even Craig Ferguson gets it:

Funniest Memes -:

Hahaha! Oooo goodness!! This was on Pinterest this morning and was what prompted my post today, I’m not actually angry over anything but it does kind of get to me when people are like “wow you got angry.” And just for some more fun, here are some more Pinterest gems:


Are so many people really thinking that Canada is "not real"? Look at a globe for once, vous idiots!:


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