Mish-Mash Of Everything

So it’s been kind of an all over the place day. 

First of all, it’s freezing out! Like I’m talking -20 with the windchill. IN THE MIDDLE OF MARCH! I am not having any of it anymore. I’m done with winter. Let’s move on shall we?

Work was super slow today. The kids were up super late last night since it was their dad’s birthday. They didn’t even get cake until around 11 pm and then had to do bedtime after that? Thankfully it’s now March Break for them so being a little sleep deprived is ok. But for me at work today, it was strange. Everyone was awake when I arrived at 9:30, and all was quiet. Only one was a total grumpy panda for most of the day but oh wells.

I didn’t really have much to do. But I was set up to make memory books for the kids. I was given a box with all their report cards and school pictures and certificates and stuff, binders, and clear plastic page protector pockets. And I just say in the kitchen from 11 am until 3 pm organising books. I was ablet o finish 3 and then got about half way done the last one before I left. It wasn’t really a lot of work. Each child already had a folder so I just had to put the items into the plastic pockets and then organise them according to date. Easy peasy.

After work, I was even more productive. Had to head up to a shop to pick up some printing I had to get done for birthday invites (maps for people to know where to go). Then visited the bank to set up an appointment (in person is always so much easier for me than calling), got home to cut out all the maps, set up a youtube channel for my Nail Art Sunday post tomorrow, found a Pinterest post on how to make a phone stand using an old toilet paper roll, will be making it after posting this, and have had a three hour long texting conversation with the brother over churches in my area.

I’ve been really starting to consider where I want to go to church now that I am settled and the weather is (hopefully) turning nice. I found a few churches close to me that I was going to check out, but after talking to my brother every single one has been taken off the list! They are all Calvinist based and I’m not a follower of the Calvinist way of thinking. I don’t exactly understand it, but from what my brother tells me (he knows quite a few Calvinists and has had many long discussions with them over matters of theology), I’m not sure I can get behind their thinking. It’s a little different than what I have been raised to believe, but the brother says that there is biblical backing for both sides. So I am confused. I even took a test online from a Christian website and found that according to my answers I should be going to a reform/presbyterian church which are Calvinist! There is a baptist church not too far from here, but reading their statement of faith they are Calvinist. There is a United church super close to me as well, but again Calvinist. Every church around me that would take me less than an hour on the bus is either Roman Catholic of Calvinist – and I am neither. I guess the argument can be boiled down to – if we’re all Christians does it really matter which church you go to as long as you are around fellow believers to fellowship with?

I really love my brother’s church but it’s in Ottawa (a 5-6 hour drive away). He said I could just listen to their sermons online every week, which is true I could, and I might actually start doing that. But it’s also that fellowship that I miss from going to an actual building and being around other believers. It’s a hard place to be in because I want to start going to a church, but I feel so limited in my choices at the moment. My brother thinks that I would probably enjoy a Calvinist church service, it’s just a few things that I can’t wrap my head around. But then again, should those few things stop me from going to a church? And if there is actual biblical backing for these ideas that are so strange to me, who am I to fully disregard them? If there are sound arguments for both sides, then why can’t I take a little from both? Or do I have to fully subscribe to one way of thinking?

Maybe I am just overthinking this whole thing.

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