Cryptic Phone Calls

Anyone want to create crazy theories with me? 

While I was writing my earlier post today, I was also whitening my teeth with those white strips things. I just got a box today and they are these new “dry touch” things which are like moulded wax that sticks to your teeth. The downside is that when they are in your mouth, there is no way you can talk. You can’t even press your teeth together or they stick together. While I was waiting for the 20 minutes to be up, my phone rang and I got a voice message.

In a rather quick voice, with lots of static, all I heard was “Hi Giggling Fattie, can you call M back as soon as possible? My number is…” M is the founder of the recruitment agency that I used for my contract in Korea, as well as for the nanny job I now have.

After I had removed the whitening things from my mouth and rinsed well, I called back. The following is basically word for word:

Hello! Recruitment Agency Name, how may I help you?

Um hi, can I talk to M, please? 

Sure, and who is calling?

Giggling Fattie.

Ok Giggling Fattie, what’s your phone number (they legit ask this every. single. time.)

It’s —

Great, what’s this regarding? 

She called me. 

Ok. Hold, please.

M pops on the line, in an out of breath voice  Hi, I’ll just be one minute the line clicks off

Hi, Giggling Fattie! How are you? 

Oh, I’m great thanks. How are you?

I’m good. Are you working this week? Is your employer at home?

Um yes….wait what do you mean? 

Haha! Are you working this weekend? Like are you on vacation?

Uh, noo…the kids are still in school. It’s almost March Break here in Ontario. 

Oh ok, we were just trying to get ahold of your employer for a few days and thought maybe they were on vacation.

Oh no. They’ve just been busy. Have you tried her cell phone?

Yes, and let’s keep this conversation just between us ok? 

Uh sure M. 

Great! Listen, I’ll be in Toronto in a few months, would you be willing to meet me downtown for a coffee? Or is that too far for you?

Sure, I can do coffee, but I’ve actually never been downtown yet.  I don’t really need to go that far into the city since everything I need is out here. 

Oh right! It’s such a great place. Well, I’ll be making the trip in a few months (they are located in Halifax) so I will try to give you as much notice as I have. If I don’t make it, it’s because I’m helping to plan my daughter’s wedding. But I look forward to meeting you then. 

Oh..ok! Sure. 

And that was like it….so this is really weird. I’ve never met the head of the company before. She did say over the summer while I was looking for nanny jobs that she was considering me “for other opportunities” but I never learned what those were and completely forgot about them until writing this out. I’m not sure how normal it is for the founder to meet random clients? I do know that the schools in Korea hire people for February so recruitment campaigns start in May and June. My first interview with them was at the end of June that first year I went to Korea. So that fits the time line of being in town for those in-person interviews.

So now I’m left wondering what exactly happened over the phone.

Why doesn’t she want me to tell my employer that they called? Why hasn’t my employer called them back because I’ve mentioned they have called a few times over the last few weeks (I don’t answer the phone at the house unless it’s from a family member’s phone.) Why does she want to meet with me? What does she want to talk about?


6 thoughts on “Cryptic Phone Calls

    • LOL Oh I hope not. After my last contract overseas I will most definitely not be going back. Plus, I missed being home too much. And I really really love my job right now. But I guess I will have to wait and see “in a few months” what she wanted. It could literally just be to have coffee haha

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