Birthday planning

I have never been so stressed out before! 

So this year, the Mum turns to big 6-0! She’s been having a little bit of a rough go of things the last year or so (but then I guess anyone would when over a 4 month period they start seeing a therapist, fall and get a minor concussion, and then get told they’ve had a minor stroke sometime within the last 3 years). My dad and Le Brother and I have decided to throw her a surprise birthday party.

Now, I started planning this probably about 8 months ago at least. I knew I wanted to give her a party for her 60th, so I started a word document on my computer and whenever something popped into my head, I added it.

But now it’s time to execute all these plans. I’ve never had to actually plan a real birthday party before. Sure, I’ve had birthday parties but they have all been a simple email/facebook blast saying to be at a certain club at a certain time and that’s it. But this is different. There are invitations that need to go out, a venue must be booked, food and drinks have to be considered, who gets on the guest list, are we doing a group gift or no? It’s insane! I’m not sure how parents do this every year for their children. I now understand why my parents were like “yeah sure you can have a party…with 1 or 2 friends”. My parties as a child were never anything great and exciting. Now I get it.

My mum’s birthday is over the May long weekend. It would have been awesome to have it the same weekend but it’s the first holiday weekend of the summer and most people will be at their trailers getting things ready for the season or going away on little trips. We’ve decided to have it the week before.

The day being settled, we’ve decided on a surprise party, no group gift. But trying to get my dad and brother to reply to emails is like pulling teeth! I set up a google doc for the guest list (since invitations need to go out in about a week) and there hasn’t been a single change or addition to the list since I posted it. Now I know that my dad has the addresses for his siblings. It’s not like I’m asking for every address under the sun. But two of his brothers just moved so I don’t have the updated address for them. Or for his sister..who hasn’t moved for literally as long as I can remember….not sure why I don’t have that one…

So since no one is replying to my emails, I feel like I’m doing this all by myself. My dad was supposed to confirm booking the church basement for it, but no word from him yet. It’s still 2 months away and I’m already stressing so much over it.


12 thoughts on “Birthday planning

  1. Maybe you have a friend who’s good at this sort of thing? 😉

    I wish I knew a while back… I could have designed an invitation for you! Honestly… if there is anything I can help with, I will try… even from here…!


    • Aww thanks Sandra! That is super sweet! I have the invites now so all I have to do if fill them out. Now that we have the main things settled it’s getting a little better. My dad is taking care of notifying the people at his church, and I am set up to receive all RSVP’s. I’ve been instructed to include “hey tell your brothers and sisters” letters in a few invites because I don’t have addresses for some of my cousins lol. It was just getting them motivated to be making the first few decisions so that we could actually get the invitations out.

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    • HAHA! Ooo that’s so true! My brother is horrible for emails. My dad is better now that I have really ingrained the importance of getting certain things figured out now and not later. They are both last minute type of guys.

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