Shout-Out to the Newbies!

Over the last week, I have had a tremendous amount of new followers, and let me just say, I am thrilled! Welcome to each and every one of you! I appreciate each new follow and wanted to extend my thanks to you for joining the crazy-train that is this site. 

For those newcomers, I just wanted to give a little bit of a rundown on who I am and what I’m about (I see this on other blogs but I’ve never had such a surge of new followers before to justify it!)

So first of all, who am I?

This is a little bit complicated since I like to blog anonymously. But you can call me Giggling Fattie, Giggles, GF (any variation of that, you get the picture), or if you want to feel all close and personal, T.

I’m 29 30, currently living in Toronto. I used to be a teacher (both in Ontario and South Korea), now I’m a nanny to four amazing kidlets. I never refer to them by name (if I don’t do it for myself why them?). I’ve been blogging since August 2015. Only two people who I know in real life have the link to this site, but I have made some close friends through blogging – I can only hope that you’ll become one of them!

What am I all about?

Well, I like to blog about my life or random things that pop into my head. This blog is more like a personal journal than anything else, so know that going in. Some of the posts will be complete nonsense. That’s ok…embrace the crazy. I don’t get very serious around here very often. Some posts are password protected for regular members of the Giggling Fattie community. You can get this password by being involved (following the blog, commenting, interacting with myself and other bloggers, let me know who you are) and then emailing me through my contact page. Light pink text usually means there is a link attached to it. All links will open to a new page, all pictures (unless noted) were obtained through a “royalty free images” search on Google. For other disclaimers, read here.

You’ll notice in some of the posts me talking about Doris. She’s my girl! She’s also not human – a wig. I have PCOS (polycystic ovary syndrome) which causes a few complications in my life. A lower possibility of having children (which is fine by me currently), localised alopecia (loss of hair) and then abnormal hair growth on other parts of my body (face/chest/shoulders personally). It kind of sucks but life goes on! It’s not life threatening so I just take it in stride.

**April 2017 Update: I’ve finally been tested by a competent doctor, and have been informed that I do not have PCOS. Just alopecia and the hair growth. But it has nothing to do with PCOS. The thought of having children has also resurfaced in my mind. I’m not sure if it was a relief to think I had PCOS since that meant I might not be able to have children, OR if I just decided I didn’t want them so I wouldn’t be disappointed if it never happened.**

There are a few things that will pop up a lot on this blog: hippos (my favourite animal), Ralph Fiennes (my favourite actor), Harry Potter (an April blogging challenge), Ella Enchanted (my favourite book), manicures.

There are a few segments that I try to keep up: 300 Thursdays (posts no longer than 300 words), and Nail Art Sunday (every 2-3 weeks). I’m trying to learn how to post private videos to youtube so that I can upload them here for the nail art. We’ll see.

A few names to know:

Le Brother (my older brother and best friend)
BFF-R, BFF-A (the only two who know me in real life who have this address)
The Wife (a former co-worker, and self-proclaimed “work wife”)
Mr Infatuation/Magoo (an old crush so no longer Mr Infatuation, only Magoo)

Feel free to comment on any posts, or send an email through my contact form. Any questions asked will get answered. I have an “open and honest” vibe here, so any respectful questions that I can answer, I will. I’m all about the honesty – I’m an open book. However, any comments on the post New Things Brewing automatically get deleted due to the high number of spam comments that appear only on that one post. So just avoid that one completely.

Again, I want to thank each of you for stopping by and for following my blog! I’m so happy you’re here!

4 thoughts on “Shout-Out to the Newbies!

  1. I’ve been following you for a while now, and may I say, you’re amazing!! Talented, funny and even tho you’re anonymous, i can relate to the things you post as if i know who you are *for real* ☺️☺️
    Love !! ❤❤

    Liked by 1 person

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