Words with Friends

Isn’t this game just the exact same as scrabble?

BFF-R and I have started playing the game Words With Friends. I love it. We used to play scrabble via Facebook – scrabble being a favourite game for both of us.

But this week, we started Words with Friends. I’m so happy she has time to play again! Her school year is coming to a close and she will be graduating (so so SOO proud of you R!).

Yet, I have a serious question:

How did this company not get sued by Scrabble? Like it’s exactly the same. I don’t understand it.

That being said, if you have an account and want to play, send me an email via noloveforfatties@gmail.com and we can play!


2 thoughts on “Words with Friends

    • Haha!! I have scrabble on my ipad and the kidlets play sometimes but it’s a major thinking game so they don’t like it as much as the other games on there (I like to download strategy games so at lease their brains are getting a work out). I think R is winning now in words with friends…it’s still our first game lol

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