A mini-victory

Today I was almost in tears at work! 

So I don’t really blog much about 1st. She is the oldest, and the kidlet that I have the least amount of interaction with. When I first started working with this family, I would walk the dog down every day to where 1st gets dropped off by her school bus, and we would walk home together. However, since Christmas break, I haven’t been doing that. She has requested that it stop. She’s a pre-teen and it’s not cool to be picked up by your nanny.

We’ve had a few power struggles since Christmas. I’ve had to suck up my pride and apologise for acting a certain way the day before. I’ve been told that I don’t have to do that since her behaviour and attitude wasn’t ok, but it also wasn’t ok that I got so upset. I’ve learned to just walk away.

1st is at that age now where she has begun her confirmation classes at church. At first, she didn’t want to go. The first day she said she didn’t even want to be a Christian anymore! But she seems to be committed now.

She had a class Tuesday night and was told to start thinking about who she would like to be her sponsor. I’m not from a Catholic church so I don’t really know what that means, but she asked her mom if she could ask me! It can’t be me since I’m not a Catholic, though.

Guys, when the mom told me that yesterday, I almost started crying. I’ve been told that 1st likes me and stuff, and not to take it personally when I get the brunt of her attitude, but this really shocked me. Like really – wow! It was so awesome to hear!

10 thoughts on “A mini-victory

  1. I think kids at that age — especially girls — are a lot bitchier (for lack of a better word) for no particular reason. (I assume hormones.) My son is 12 and he has told me several times that all the girls have become so bitchy. (Well, he said “they’re all so………” and I finished the sentence for him as he knows he not supposed to say that word…) Anyway… It seems to mean they’re bitchy to everyone but it doesn’t mean they don’t like you… If that makes any sense…

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  2. Teen/tween girls are curious beings. I have two and I feel like a detective part of the time and a ref at a kick boxing match the other part. If she asked that you be her sponsor that is HUGE!!! I keep a letter in my bible from when my oldest first went to camp. She was saying how much she missed me and how nothing is ever fun except when I am there. She’s almost 18 now and on the days we are at each other’s throats I try to remember that sweet letter and the days she still liked me😁

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