In Like a Lion!

Image result for royalty free images goodbye februaryHappy March 1st everyone!! It is definitely coming in like a lion where I am. We are having rain and thunderstorm warnings all day. Add that to the possible flood warnings (recent rain and melting snow means the ground isn’t going to absorb it) and it’s a pretty powerful start to the month! For once I am actually happy to see winter leave.

A recap on my Valentine’s Day challenge: no man, no love. I’m not going to lie to you good people and pretend that I was actually¬†looking during the two-week window that I had. On my days off, I stayed home and enjoyed the lovely feeling of a quiet house. So I will see what today brings with 4th. Maybe she has forgotten? I seriously doubt it. I told her my boyfriend’s name is Alfonso, my stuffed hippo, but apparently, that doesn’t count. Who knew?

Moving on to March! Today is also the first day of lent. If you read my post from yesterday morning (two posts ago), you’ll know that this is my first lent. I’ve decided to go easy on myself. Not really on myself, but something easy to execute. I’ve decided that I will give up chips and pop. My one true downfall in life. Mmmmm salty chips mixed with a cool bubbly taste of soda? Perfection! But not until the end of lent. You have my word!

But I also wanted a little bit of spiritual growth as well. So I am going to add in a personal bible study. Not sure exactly what form that is going to take, but I’m going to do it. I do have a few devotional books around here that I brought with me. Perhaps I will start with those.

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