Where my head is at.

The other day, I had a dream. It was a great dream. 

I was living in England and engaged to this gorgeous man:

Image result for ralph fiennes

I’ve stopped trying to analyze my dreams but there are a few good reasons to dream about him.

  1. I love him and have since I was 12.
  2. 4th has been telling me to get a boyfriend and get married. Obviously, I don’t think she meant to him, but a girl can dream (haha! and I actually DID dream it.Sweet baby Jesus was that lame…I’m sorry…)
  3. One of his movies just got loaded onto Canadian Netflix (The Constant Gardener, if you haven’t seen it, shame on you. Stop your life and watch it.)
  4. I’m re-reading Harry Potter – probably the only movie I’ve seen where he’s not attractive. But in his defence, it’s hard to be Voldemort and be hot. I guess in Oscar and Lucinda, his portrayal of a heat-stricken ginger wasn’t the most visually appealing…but that was because he looked like he had heat blisters all over his beautiful face.

Now, I’m going to jump out on a limb here and assume that the universe is telling me that I am going to meet Ralph, we’re going to fall in love because he will be the same amazing person I just naturally assume he is (and not pull the “I’m a celebrity so in real life I’m a dick), and then we’re going to get married and live in the English countryside.

Just gonna leave this right here…..

Image result for ralph fiennes

Gah, he’s so beautiful.


10 thoughts on “Where my head is at.

  1. I think you are gonna meet him and HE will fall in love with you, marry you and then you both will settle in a good old English country where I’ll come and visit every summer 🙂
    Amen to that!

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  2. That is the WORST to dream an amazing dream then wake up. You almost don’t want to have the dream so your not left with the disappointment when you wake up. You’ll snag him. Just start acting, move to Hollywood and be cast with him. Channel your inner Mr. & Mrs. Smith and fall in love on set. It happens all the time!


    • I know! ❤ He's hands down my favourite. I've seen almost every movie of his I can find. Except "Red Dragon". I start it and then it gets too intense (I'm such a baby!) and I have to stop. I've never even seen him in it. lol

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