Drinking Games

What’s your drinking preferences peeps? 

Now, you can leave your taste for alcohol drinks at the bottom, but I can’t say that I can comment much on those. I honestly can’t stand the taste of alcohol, and while some people say it is impossible, I feel like the alcohol taste gets stronger the longer it’s in my glass. But if I’m in a situation where I do fancy a drink, it will probably be a whisky sour. Or if I’m at this one specific sports bar where I went to university, they make this amazing drink called a swimming pool. Gah, they were amazing!

I haven’t had a drink in about 3 years or so, and that was at Magoo’s birthday. But I was driving so I had just one watered down sex on the beach (yum!) at a club at the very start of the evening so I could dance it all off and be good to drive us home after last call (the wife literally had us there until the house lights came up…)

But what about other things? In the morning I love coffee. I need coffee to get my day started.

Being approximately half British, I’m all for a good cup of tea for all other occasions, though. Angry? Have a cuppa. Happy? Have a cuppa. Feeling sick? Tired? Anxious? Have a cuppa. Someone is treating you horribly? Have a cuppa, wait for it to cool down (or not) and pour it on their head.

I was staying with a friend once at her aunt’s house and the aunt was making tea for us. I gladly accepted and she asked me how I like it and I just said “oh black please” and she looked at me and was like “yes it’s black tea but what do you want in it?” Am I the only one who thinks that if I say I want a drink (coffee or tea) black, that means don’t put anything in it? I never put anything in my tea.

Lately, I’ve been going through this “cold” phase. I want my drinks to be ice cold. I will let the tap run for a few minutes to get the coldest water possible, then put ice cubes in it. I’m not sure why, but I just need it to be super cold.

While working in the seventh circle of hell that is Tim Hortons, I started drinking iced juice. I’d buy a bottle of orange juice and pour it over ice, and drink it like that. It is so amazing! Now that’s basically the only way I can drink orange juice. Great side note: it’s also my go-to drink on flights. It makes me feel so much better and makes the flight almost half enjoyable. Almost.

Okies so lay it on me guys! What are your preferences?

Yes, I know this is a totally random thing to post about. 


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