My sanity is saved!

My new phone has arrived and it is wonderful! 

Aside from a few little hiccups in the switching process, this phone has turned out to be amazing!

I upgraded from the Nexus 5 to the LG G5 and I can’t be happier. I’ve only had it for one day, but I’ve already made up my mind.

The first thing I love about it: it has fingerprint technology. This means that I unlock my phone using my fingerprint and that the kidlets can’t get onto my phone without me knowing about it. It also has the option to put fingerprint locking on my banking app as well. The scanner is great and I can get a decent scan on the first try about 90% of the time.

Next: when a new email comes in, it just bings. But when it’s a text message, it lights up the screen. Awesome! Also when looking at the screen, it just says “unlock for sensitive information”. Again another great thing because then the kidlets can’t see what my messages are about (I had 2nd reading all my text messages on my old phone on Thursday…).

It has split screen capabilities: I emailed myself all my notes from my old phone and just copy and pasted them into new notes on this new phone. And it was made SUPER easy since I could view my email page and the note page on the screen at the same time.

It’s silver so that means I won’t have the horrible heart attack of leaving it on my black sofa and having it “disappear” for 10 minutes while I look all over my apartment for it.

While changing from my old phone to my new one, I just had to place them beside each other and click a button and all my apps transferred over. I was able to select which apps I wanted to keep and which to get rid of. My music files didn’t make the transfer but all my pictures did! But that could have something to do with “the cloud” or whatever. It even saved some of my log-ins for the apps which made it SUPER easy to relog in.

When typing in the messenger app, if I type a word like “camera” or “picture” than an emoji of it pops up in the suggestions box! I know this isn’t new, but it wasn’t happening on my old phone.

There are a few bad things, though:

  1. It’s super new which means that I had to go to 5 different stores trying to get a screen protector.
  2. It has a new power cord. I was so happy when my old power cord for my phone also worked with 2nd’s tablet (so I could charge my phone at work) and work with the pocket battery I bought to keep in my bag, and it was the same as my GPS, and parent’s phones (if I go home and forget my cord). Now, all that awesomeness is gone.
  3. There is no “all my apps” button. On my Nexus 5, there was a little button which had all my apps on it. I didn’t want all of them on the screen if I didn’t use them very often (like my calculator) but still had easy access to them. I haven’t been able to find this button yet. Maybe the more I play around the better it will be. I can hide apps, but in order to use those hidden apps, I have to unhide them and have them on the main screen. A little annoying. I’m hoping Le Brother can sort it out over Easter when I see him next.

I have already set up my lock screen and home screen pictures. Two different ones of hippos (of course!)

This is my home screen:

Image result for cute hippo phone wallpaper

It starts off with just up to the hippo’s cute little face on the first screen, and then when I swipe to the next, the picture moves over! SO CUTE

And then this is my lock screen:

Image result for cute hippo phone wallpaper

4th said she liked my old phone better because it had hippos on it, and then she was super excited to see the screens on my phone. The case should be arriving on Monday and then I will have the back of the phone protected with another hippo. Some might think it’s too much but I love cute hippos!

The kids are a little upset that they can’t play with the phone. But I have purposely kept all games off of it. They already have enough screen time as it is, they don’t need to be playing with my phone on top of all that. I bring my ipad to work which has a dedicated page just for games for them.

I am so glad that my phone is awesome. I was a little worried! No more of the evil phone which decides to work when it wants, turns the screen on and off whenever it wants, make the camera not work, couldn’t log in while it was plugged in, the keyboard would randomly switch from English to Korean without me telling it to, apps would close in the middle of me using them. I am 95% sure it was possessed by an evil spirit.


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