Sharing a sleeping room

Let’s face a fact here today: it’s been about 3 years since I’ve slept in a room with another person. WOW, I know! 

Those faithful Giggling Followers will know the non-existence of any type of sexy times in my bedroom, and I think the last time I was actually sleeping in the same room with someone was when I was in teacher’s college. A bible study group I was part of had a sleepover.

Last night, I got to experience the joy of sleeping in a room with another person again. Although not in any fun way. There was another emergency at work and I ended up staying quite late. Not as long as last time (18 hours is a super long day!), but still super late. I got a text around 10 saying that the parents would be out for a while longer and that I was free to make myself comfortable on either of the pull out sofas.

Last time, when I stayed until 6:30 am, 4th said I was more than welcome to sleep in her bed. I told 2nd that I was going to get them into bed and then set up down in the living room if they needed me at all over night. She put up a little bit of resistance and said I needed to stay upstairs with them. 4th was, of course, sleeping in her parent’s bed so I actually got to sleep in her little twin bed (2nd and 4th share a room), which worked out really great because 3rd was hearing noises outside and I had to go and stand in his window for a few minutes looking/listening for whatever he heard out there before he would actually get back into bed. Don’t tell 2nd, but that little munchkin snores! EEEppp hehe it was so cute. It started off as just deep breathing and then turned into little kid snores. Adorable!

Thankfully at 12:30 their aunt called, which caused 2nd to shift in bed and she was quiet again. I was there until 2:30 when the parents got home. I will most definitely be putting together a little overnight supply kit. Two things I most definitely need in it will be a sleep cap so I can take Doris off while I’m sleeping but still not show the regular hair, and some make-up remover wipes. Sleeping with mascara on sucks. My eyes are so sore today.

Since I was actually sleeping when the parents got home, I took them up on their offer to drive me back to my place. I usually just walk since it’s only 10 minutes, but never when I’ve been half asleep like I was last night, and never so late. Getting back, I had to try so hard not to make any noise. I have an electric lock on my door which is great since I don’t need an actual key to get in, but it also makes this really annoying beeping sound when you unlock it.

I woke up this morning around 8 and noticed that my room looked a little crazy. Apparently, I didn’t care where my clothes landed as I just collapsed into my bed at 3 haha. Jeans by the bathroom, one sock here, one over there, my shirt actually made it into the hamper. Thankfully there is nothing exciting going on tonight. I am exhausted. Even after going back to bed after breakfast.

If anyone works in the medical field and can spare an IV bag, and come hook it up to my veins, it would be greatly appreciated 😉

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2 thoughts on “Sharing a sleeping room

    • haha no! I work in the afternoons, usually 2:30-8:30. So I was back at work at 2:30. My boss said to let her know if I needed extra time to rest, but it would have been better to offer to let me go home early. But it was good I started at the regular time since she needed to rest and I had to go and pick up the kids from school. lol


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