Family Day

A meme can better explain my current mood than words can this morning:

Image result for lack of sleep suspicious

I seriously thought I had turned off my alarm this morning. But I didn’t. It just so happened that from 6 am when I checked the time, to 7:22, it was about 3 hours. Who knew that time in the morning worked like that?

First of all, I just want to say a big Happy Family Day to all those Canadians who are lucky enough to be included in it. From my research that’s Ontarians (obviously, since I’m one of them), Albertans and Saskatchewanites (is that a word?! I don’t even think that’s a word…but there is no red line under it so maybe it IS a word?!) Apparently, British Columbia had their Family Day a week ago. But what about the other provinces and territories? I feel bad they don’t get a provincially mandated day off in the middle of February.

I was going to go shopping today, but all the stores are closed. Possibly will work on my AtoZ challenge. I’m finding it hard to motivate myself to work on the posts ahead of time now that I’ve stopped doing the 365 days of writing challenge I set for myself. Possibly some cross stitch? 2nd’s birthday is coming up in about a month so I want to make her a card, and maybe a bookmark – but I need to go shopping for the bookmark. Do you know how hard it is to find pre-made cross stitch bookmarks which don’t come in a kit? I just need the actual bookmark. They come with their edges already fray-proof which is a miracle! But I can get started on her birthday card once I settle on a design.

Anyone have any suggestions for “age appropriate” birthday gifts? She’s kind of a girly girl and LOVES hair things. I asked her mom if it was ok to get her hair chalk (colour you just rub onto your hair and it washes out) but her mom says that she’s too young for that and they want to keep the girls’ hair natural for as long as possible. Possibly just some hair accessories? Or maybe a manicure kit? She is starting to really take an interest in her nails…I think I might be a bad influence on her…hehe. I still feel bad about pinching her with the cuticle snippers on Saturday.

But as for the rest of the holiday, it’s going to be relaxing! I’m thinking some Harry Potter reading (I’m on book 5 which is the longest!), some cross stitch, OOOO maybe some Bluestone 42?! Ooo YES! Now that’s a perfect day right there!

Basically, this will be me (especially since it’s back to -1… I knew the warmth wasn’t going to last!)

Due to lack of interest - today has been cancelled.:

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