Nail Art Sunday

I know it’s a week early, but after doing 2nd’s manicure yesterday at work, I decided I needed to do my own nails as well. 

After doing my regular regiment of cuticle care, I decided on just a simple application of colour this time. Since it has been amazing outside the last few days, I thought it only fitting to use the “deep sky blue” on my nails as an homage to Mother Nature’s generosity.

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I know it looks super dark in the bottle, but it actually turned out really nice. I used three coats but probably could have settled with just two. I like to use very thin layers of polish, it allows me to make sure that I’m getting it only on my nails and not on my skin. I’m not skilled enough yet to get it perfect like professionals in a salon, so thin coats and taking my time is the best.

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It even looks nice with Hello Kitty’s bow! A perfect shade for the switch from dull, dark winter, into this (probably short) glimpse of spring.

Like I said last time, I thought I’d talk about sealing the polish. Most people think that a top coat is a sealer for the polish, but what I mean is the end of your nails.

Now if you look at this very blurry picture of my almost finished nails, you’ll see that the edges are white, which is the natural colour of your nails.

Image may contain: one or more people and close-up

In order to seal the polish, you need to apply polish to the edge. It can be a little tricky, and I still have problems doing it without completely covering my skin with polish but I have a few tricks.

First of all, make sure you only have an itty bitty teeny weeny (yellow polka dot bikini hehe) bit of polish on the brush. Like almost none at all. Then, pull down your finger to make as big of a gap as possible. Lastly, polish the edge by pulling the brush towards the nail, not away from it. This way any extra polish will go onto your nail and not onto your skin. Smooth out the polish on the top if you need to before sticking your hand back under the light. Do this with your last coat of colour AND with the top coat.

Image may contain: one or more people and close-up

This way, the polish is cured with the top coat and it should last longer. And let’s be honest here ladies (and any gents who are taking interest in these tips), the most aggravating part about nail polish is that it chips way too easily – wasting both your time and money.

It might be a little early, but I’m already thinking about my next manicure! It will be the week before St. Patrick’s Day, and even though I don’t really celebrate it, I want some cute nails for it. So if you have any easy suggestions for that, leave them in the comments or email them to me!


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