Funday Sunday?

Hey, ya’ll! Happy Sunday! Have you smiled yet today? Take a look at this:

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Well, that was my morning…with my phone screen side up on a black sofa. It took me a heart stopping 5 minutes to find it. But after that, my day got a whole lot better!

First of all, and probably the best part of the day, I got a notification that this happened:

Yeah, THAT HAPPENED! Just imagine a lot of girlish squealing when Twitter notified me that I had a new follower.

And it is like the best day in all of February right now. It is a glorious 10 degrees outside, and the sun is shining. I know that the Canadian Mother Nature is just playing with my emotions: sad because the snow is melting, happy because it’s almost spring, apprehensive because I know, I know, that another freak snow storm will be just around the corner. It’s Ontario, it’s going to happen.

On top of the best day ever, it’s also a long weekend (gah I know when will this girl stop gushing?! Probably at the end of the post to be honest.) So what does any self-respecting Canadian girl do when it’s 10 degrees in the middle of February and a long weekend? Aside from sunbathing (my crazy friends I tell ya!), she opens all the windows and cleans her house!

And, of course, since doing 2nd’s nails yesterday I had to do my own today. Movie of choice for background noise and entertainment was Netflix new addition, Finding Dory.

Image may contain: outdoor, water and nature

I love this movie guys! It’s so adorable. And the seals? Awesome.

Top it all off with coffee in my gnome mug, and you just can’t get a much better day.

Image may contain: indoor

You can tell he gets some love, his belt is washing off.

I know it’s been quite a few days of over the top happiness from this end. I apologise if anyone has gotten cavities from the last few posts.

Hope everyone else is getting some amazing sunshine and happiness!


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