Saturday funday!

So…it’s unavoidable. I need to make a nanny category. Any cute ideas on what to name it? I’m open to suggestions. I could just use “The Kidlets” since that’s what I call the kids or something to do with the word nanny? I don’t know…

Today is Saturday and it’s a BEAUTIFUL day! Like it’s amazing outside. I walked home and could have done the whole 10 minutes in just my t-shirt. I got to work and after being there an hour had to take off the little sweater I had on because I was so hot. And this “sweater” is basically just t-shirt material but with long sleeves and it doesn’t do up. It’s that light. I’m sitting at home now with all my windows open, loving the fresh air.

Today was a chore day. I was expecting it to be a struggle with 2nd, since it was focused around her, but not only did we finish our major chore together, we also were able to fit in arts and crafts AND a manicure for her. It was quite an accomplishment let me tell you! Since she normally stays in bed until 11:30 Saturday mornings.

I arrived and got started on my regular routine (dishes and laundry). She was already out of bed and had her breakfast and before I was finished folding the FOUR BASKETS of laundry, she had showered, gotten dressed, picked up the bathroom, brushed her teeth AND was waiting for me in her room.

Our task today was to organise her dresser. She couldn’t close the drawers anymore since everything had just been shoved in. So we had two baskets. She stood on her bed and threw clothes at me while saying “keep” or “don’t keep”. We went through all her drawers in about 20 minutes, then I refolded all her clothes and put them back into the empty drawers. It’s all organised and beautiful now.

Then onto arts and crafts. She had a “Daddy Date” last night and went to Michael’s with her dad. For those not in the know, Michael’s is a craft store. Last weekend the family attended a Black History Month Festival and 2nd was able to make two dolls there. She wanted to make more. So we did. What we have in the picture here is the finished pile. On the left, all the dolls together, and on the right the ones I made. A red-head, and per her suggestion a clown.

No automatic alt text available.

Then lunch and dishes for me. I had bribed 2nd with a manicure if we were able to organise her dresser. She has been asking me to help her with the dresser for over a month now but she doesn’t want to put in the time. So I brought all my nail supplies that I can use on the kidlets and she decided on what she wanted. We didn’t get started until about 2:45 so I stayed at work late. It took us an hour to get her nails done but they looked pretty awesome when we were finished.

Image may contain: one or more people and close-up

The teal polish didn’t want to go on as nicely as it normally does so it was a little smudgy but after 2-3 coats, it almost evened out. So what she decided to get was the teal on all her nails, then a french tip with white glitter AND THEN we put on two strips of nail tape. I accidentally pinched her skin with my cuticle nippers while trimming down the tape, but she wasn’t bleeding and she said she was ok. I felt so so so so bad!

It was such a great day! 4th didn’t even put up a fuss when I told her I didn’t have time to do her nails today. She just said “oh, ok!” and went back to her TV program. I am seriously falling in love with these kids.

Now it’s a long weekend for me. They had Friday off and will have Monday off since it’s Family Day here in Ontario. Since Family Day is a holiday, I get it off too! So I’m free until Tuesday – which is great because I get an extra day of rest, but also not great because I don’t get to see the kids on Monday.



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