A Valentine’s Day Challenge

This blog is slowly just becoming stories from my nanny job…but that’s ok! Who doesn’t like silly things kids do?! 

I posted two days ago that 4th wanted me to have a boyfriend for Valentine’s Day. I had to pick the kidlets up from school yesterday so in the van she kept asking me about boyfriends, so I asked her “4th, why is it so important that I have a boyfriend?”

Then, being the cute little monkey that she is, she says (as if it’s the most obvious thing in the entire world), “so you can get married today!” She just wants to come to my wedding. Which I have told her many many times she will be invited to.

This then set us off into the crazy fantasy world of 3rd and 4th where I am making (or buying) a time machine to go back to February 13th to get a boyfriend to marry on the 14th. Then, of course, I had to point out that, as much as I want to be, I am not a Disney princess and can not just marry a man after one day. Then 2nd pipes up from the back “Yeah, she’s not Anna guys!” I literally almost broke into song – lines from “do you want to build a snowman” and “let it go!” popped into my head. But I restrained myself – I was driving and had to focus.

So now I need to use this time machine to go back a full YEAR, meet a guy, have 15 (exactly 15) dates, he will ask me to marry him because 3rd says that the guy has to do it (he’s going to make some girl very happy one day!) and then get married this Valentine’s Day and have a chocolate fountain with strawberries to dip into it. Basically, they’ve planned my entire wedding for me! At dinner, I was informed that I need to get myself a boyfriend by the end of the month OR 4th isn’t going to talk to me for all of March. But she said I have until February 31st – I see a loophole in her logic that I might just have to exploit.

Then there was all the Valentine’s Day activities. The kids had so much sugar, I’m surprised they weren’t flying around the house! Just before bedtime, 4th came out of the office with two gift bags, one for the French tutor and one for me! It was so sweet! I received this amazing cup:

Image may contain: drink

And the French tutor got a red mug with a chalkboard heart on it and chalk so she can write little messages on the cup! ADORABLE!

The mom and dad went out on a date and I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to get them all down at a good time. The French tutor left at 8:30, just as the bedtime routine was starting. But it went so well! I’m starting to feel like they are now accepting me as part of the “parental” unit of the family. 4th needed to have a shower, but she hates showers! She actually had a FULL BATH. Like she was in there for about 20 minutes. She opened the door and said “T!!” and then used her finger to beckon me into the bathroom. “I need your help!” So now I have reached the level of “trusted enough to help with bathing” Basically I just stood there and squirted soap into her hand whenever she needed it. Then helped to put lotion on her back once she was out.

After that, she wanted 2nd to help her with her hair, but 2nd told 4th to get me to do it. Now I have watched their mom do their hair, but let’s face it – I’m a “2 shades away from being albino” white girl, and I’m not used to dealing with their beautiful hair. It’s been relaxed so it’s a little easier, but never before in my life have I had to sit and massage coconut oil into someone’s hair before brushing it out! It was a learning experience, but also one that brought 4th and me closer, she just laid on her parent’s bed beside me, head in my lap watching Kung Fu Panda, and let me (very clumsily) try to do the best I could.

Speaking of 2nd, she’s a very affectionate girl. She needs lots of cuddles and hugs and everything. She usually needs her mom for these, but yesterday, she just walked up to me and wrapped her arms around my waist for a solid 5 minutes before letting go. It seriously warmed my heart.

Overall, a pretty great Valentine’s Day! I hope everyone had a good day too!!


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