Valentine’s Day through a 7 year old’s eyes

I’m not too sure if ya’ll know or not, but tomorrow is Valentine’s Day! 

I was out with my work family tonight shopping for Valentine’s Day things. Two kids needed cards for their classes, two needed shirts, plus candy and all that extra stuff that goes along with it.

We went to a few different stores, and I got to do a little shopping with the kids. It was an all girls outing. The French Tutor and 3rd were at the main house since 3rd had soccer. But shopping with the mom and the other 3 kidlets was fun! 4th decided that tonight was a good night to hold my hand – which is fine! And super cute. Although I do get weird looks from people which still bothers me.

We were at the dollar store and 4th is holding my hands waiting to check out and she looks at me and goes “T, I want you to have a boyfriend for valentine’s day”

Trying to hold back the giggles I look down at her cute little face and go “4th, Valentine’s Day is tomorrow and there is no boy in my life. I don’t think that will happen.”

So we are waiting in line and getting closer and closer to the cashier…who is a guy…and she points to him and goes “There’s a guy!”

Trying not to DIE I just tell her that nope, she is my valentine for this year. Then she glares at me like that was the most unacceptable answer she would ever hear haha.

Guys – she just kills me some days! Add that to the tone of excitement in her voice when she yelled my name the second she walked into the house after school, and I’ve had a pretty great day!

But, just to do my part in her plan: I’m free for Valentine’s Day if anyone needs a Valentine… (she literally asks me once every few weeks if I have a boyfriend..I should probably get on this…)



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