Tsk tsk technology

My phone is about to get chucked at a wall.

I’m really upset guys. I love my phone! It’s great. It’s the perfect size: it fits in the little pockets of my purses (a MAJOR thing!), I have my music on it, my settings the way I want it, the background is a cute little hippo, the case is a cute little hippo, my brother disabled all the apps that I didn’t need, I have a Korean keyboard on it, and Korean apps that I still use, my pictures, my individual ring tone settings!!

But it’s dying. I’ve only had it for 19 months (I had the exact same model for a full year before that, but while working at Tim Hortons, a teenager was being thoughtless and it ended up in a vat of slushy mix, the syrup completely destroying my phone). Apparently, 18 months is the perfect time for them to die? My dad replaces his every 2 years but sometimes manages to get them changed a few months early on his contract.

I’m with Koodo (I LOVE Koodo!) so I don’t have a contract. When I moved to Korea I bought my phone out, cancelled my plan and moved on. I used this phone in Korea, and here. I got the same number when I moved back that I had before Korea. It’s been amazing.

Over the last few months (since I moved back I would say) it’s been acting weird. Last week, I got a text from Koodo saying that if I upgraded using that link, then I could get an amazing deal on a phone. I sighed to myself and decided it was time. I knew it was coming…but I didn’t want to accept it.

I called customer service and talked about the phone I wanted, and got the low down on the deals that were offered to me through this text that was given. I thanked them, thought it over, and made a choice. So I have ordered a new phone. It’s larger than the one I have now so it’s not going to fit into the pockets in my bags…and my current phone is being even more temperamental than it was before. It’s like it knows it’s being replaced.

The next thing I had to do (which I was SOO looking forward to) was picking out a new case for my phone. I use this one eBay seller (Head Case), and I actually found that I could have the same design that I have now. Isn’t it cute?!


But then I saw my second choice from the last time I was purchasing a case.


It’s beautiful! I decided to go for a change: new phone, new case. I ordered from an American seller, which means that my phone and my case should be arriving around the same time (within a week to 10 days).

The original seller is from the UK, so I took a look at their entire product catalogue. Well, it’s over 2 million designs!! Basically just the same 20 or so but for every type of phone imaginable. After spending an hour scrolling trying to find my model, I worked out how to search within the eBay store window that I was in (it was Sunday morning…I wasn’t thinking).

I had hit the JACKPOT! Now I have like 6 other cases saved. A few for autumn, a few for Christmas, an Easter one. I think my mind broke a little bit. They are sooo cute! I can go back and save like at least 10 more which I fell in love with as well. I might have to just get a few so I can change up my phone over the year. But none of them are hippos so that might be a challenge for me. I’m pretty excited about it, but the excitement might dwindle away over time and then I’ll forget about them. We shall see!


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