My apologies to my Pinterest followers

Over the last month, I have been creating going a little crazy on my Pinterest. 

All with good reason of course! I have created a Harry Potter board for my A to Z challenge this year. And because of it, I feel like I am slowly spiralling into this never ending pit of Harry Potter. I know, you’re probably getting a little tired of hearing about it, so let me just share one of my pins:

Post image:

ANYWAYS! So this is a formal apology to all those who follow me on Pinterest, none of whom have access to this blog:

I am sorry for filling your feed with Harry Potter. I will stop. I promise. Just after April.


I did find something AUH-MAZING which isn’t going to make it into my A to Z challenge, so I had to share it. DID YOU KNOW that there is a movie called Severus Snape and the Marauders?!?!

I kept seeing all these pins from like young Snape and James and Sirius and I just thought that people were creating these younger versions from various celebrities but then I found it. The movie!

You can watch THE WHOLE THING here. It’s only 25 minutes. And I am so excited. This is how I am spending my day off today. Getting a little bit more into the fandom. I think I have to admit that I’m a fan girl now? Is this how it works? I have no idea.

**Update** I watched the movie and it was so sad!!


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