Soy is horrible!

As I’ve mentioned in a previous post, I’m not really a fan of celebrating Valentine’s Day with all the usual consumerism and chaos that is forced upon couples. But I do enjoy making it a special day.

Even more so now since I’m with the kidlets so much. They have already been asking their parents what they will be doing to celebrate, so I am mentally preparing myself to stay late at work next Tuesday evening.

I love being a nanny so much! I had a conversation yesterday with 2nd because she says her principal is always so mean. And I said that he was probably just having a bad day (yesterday they got a very stern “stay off the field!” from him after school when I was picking them up) She says that he is always angry – and I said “ya know what, sometimes teachers are always angry”, and was able to tell her that’s why I quit teaching. Because every day was a bad day and I knew I couldn’t keep it up. But now my job makes me happy every day because I get to spend it with them. Which is true! Even through the hard times, I still really do love my job!

4th came up to me in the playground after school yesterday and gave me a piece of paper and told me to read it. I opened it and this is what it said:

Every moment is a profound opportunity

And I was all “OOOO YES! Right on 4th! This is so amazing and true!” Because it totally is! She told me to keep it, so it’s on my fridge next to a super cute drawing she made me on Saturday. She keeps asking me if I’m always in a good mood and most of the time I am. She says I’m like a teenager who acts like a kid – which in her 7-year-old mind is a pretty great combination. Unless I have to act like an adult – and then she doesn’t like it (news flash: I don’t either hunny bunny).

I took 3rd and 4th up to the dollar store last night since 4th wanted to buy a gift for her BFF’s birthday. While we were there, I picked up this adorable baking sheet: it’s silicone and 6 cupcake/muffin spots but they are HEART SHAPES! I’m dying folks! I actually already had one, but who wants to only make six heart shaped food items at a time?! So I bought another one. Now I want to make little cupcakes for Valentine’s Day. But I don’t have papers for them…I hope that’s ok.

It’s great, I get the satisfaction of being a teacher (calming 2nd down through math tears and then getting to the right answer) and the awesomeness of doing cute little crafty things.

At first, I was going to make rice crispy treats since they are basically the easiest thing ever, and I could smush them into these heart shapes, but 3rd isn’t a huge fan of them, and the French tutor can’t have the marshmallows (Halal guidelines!). So I have switched to cupcakes. The only problem is that one of 3rd’s many allergies is to soy. So now I am going to have to see if I can find soy-free items to make the cupcakes. I already know I can’t use the sprinkles I have in my cabinet since they have soy in them – so I will make edible glitter and use my Valentine’s Day cupcake stencils (yeah they are real). I want to try to find soy free frosting but if not I can hand make that. The only thing that might be a little difficult is the batter. I want to use just a box batter (because it’s sooo much easier), but I’m not sure if I can find one without soy.

*post-shopping update: soy is the devil and is in EVERYTHING. So rice crispy treats it is! But I really wanted cupcakes so I’m making them just for me, and I’ll bring just one for the French Tutor. Anyone want to come over and join me in a cupcake party?*

Does anyone here have a soy allergy and can give me some tips? Are you allergic to other foods and have other tricks? He has a few food-based allergies, as does the mom (like pineapple and mangoes and peaches), so I’ll probably need more help in the future! Thankfully I only have medication based allergies haha.


8 thoughts on “Soy is horrible!

    • Food wise, I’m not allergic to anything which is great! But I am allergic to penicillin – which makes it hard to get medications haha. But I think that my allergy to it might be slowly going away? I should probably get tested lol

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