Ice, Ice, Baby

When it’s February and it decides to rain. 

I woke up yesterday morning to what looked to be a beautiful day. A little bit of sun shining in my window, and very little snow on the ground.

But then, around 11 am or so, it started to rain. Not just regular rain. Freezing rain.

By the time I left for work at 2:15, I had to very carefully step down the three little steps to the driveway because they were covered in ice. My landlord’s second car was there, icicles already forming on the mirrors and around the doors.

He keeps a bin of salt by the garage, so with my umbrella in one hand, I used the other to sprinkle salt all over the steps. Hoping that when I got home, I wouldn’t die trying to walk up them.

The walk to work was fun – I spent most of the time walking on the grass and not the sidewalks. The best part was that I saw three different salt trucks on the side streets that I was walking on. The road didn’t seem to be too slippery, but the sidewalks were like an ice rink.

Work was quiet – it was karate night so I only have to care for 1st. 1st was an hour late getting home since the school bus was delayed. But they were kind enough to do the drop off at the front door so 1st didn’t have to walk the 5 minutes down the street in the pouring freezing rain. I was at the main house doing regular Tuesday routine (changing bed sheets, organising closets). At dinner, 1st decided that they weren’t going to go, so I left the dog at the house with instructions to play with him so he could get some exercise. At first, I felt a little guilty about this choice but when it took me 15 minutes to walk what normally takes me less than 5, I was glad I didn’t have the added challenge of being pulled around by a dog. If I stopped walking because I felt I was going to slip, I would literally slide down the hill! I seriously felt like I was in a cartoon! HAHA Just slowly sliding backwards with a look of utter defeat on my face hehe.

I got a ride back to the main house (thank goodness!!) which was amazing since I had all the leftovers in a big shopping bag. It had stopped raining by this point, and the world was this beautiful icy heaven.

By then, it was almost 8 and I only had 30 minutes left. When I was walking home, I stopped to take a few pictures along the way. Again I was walking on the grass which is between the road and sidewalk just to make it up the huge hill to my house. Once I reached the flat part (more than 2/3 of the way home) I just walked on the road. The road was fine up there, and it offered a much-needed relief from the slipping and sliding. And by that time it was pouring again. It took me about 20-25 minutes to walk home, instead of my regular 10-15, but WOW it was so pretty. The tree branches were so heavy with ice that they were touching my umbrella, and there was that lovely crunch under foot as I was walking. My steps at home were complete ice – the rain from the afternoon washing away all the salt I had put down before going to work. So I generously salted them again before very carefully attempting to climb them.


Image may contain: night, tree, plant, sky, outdoor and nature

at least a solid centimetre of ice around those branches



Image may contain: night, tree and outdoor

A little blurry, but the street where I work


Image may contain: tree, sky, outdoor and nature

Walking up the first part of the hill towards home!

I got home and prepped for a power outage – took a shower right away, filled a pot with water for the morning if needed, filled my water bottle, charged all my electronics and my backup power supply. I wouldn’t be able to cook anything but at least I’d have water and a phone! It made me remember the big ice storm of 1998. I was still 10 and we lived in a big old farm house with a wood burning fireplace. We just hung a large blanket over the doorway and kept warm in that one room. We could cook and sleep in that room (pull out sofa for the win!) and I think we were content for the day or two we were without power. Thankfully no power outages this time! And now it’s just back to life as normal.

My brother got the freezing rain overnight in Ottawa. Apparently, some person didn’t clean off their car properly, and while driving down the highway (at probably 100km/h or more knowing my brother and how people drive in Ottawa), a large sheet of ice flew off this guy’s car and smashed right into my brother’s windshield. It didn’t break or crack the glass, but the force of the ice was so much that the rearview mirror actually shifted enough that my brother had to readjust it.

I hope if your world is covered in ice this morning that you stay warm and safe!!




24 thoughts on “Ice, Ice, Baby

  1. I love your pictures. The sparkly ice… it looks so cool. I’m happy about the snow coming my way tonight/tomorrow. We haven’t had much of anything… and at the very least, it’s pretty. And school’s already cancelled so I get to play with the kids all day. 🙂 Hm… I bet I have plenty of ingredients for baking, too…

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