Gah, I’m late….

Ladies, don’t you hate being late

I’m four agonising days late. I hate it. And there’s nothing I can do to fix it.

This is one thing I really don’t like about being a woman – how little changes in my lifestyle can totally mess up my internal clock, punishing me in the long run. I’ve finally settled into my new life and job, so my stress levels have lowered. That’s a change. I’ve started taking some vitamins each day. That’s a change. I’ve started exercising more. That’s a change. And all of it adds up to a whole lot of lateness.

I’m usually ok with the monthly pain and aggravation of being a woman. Apparently, I’m lucky because my mom says that after children it’s going to get worse (HA! Not planning on having any children so mwahaha).

I’m never late. Honestly, it’s like clockwork. So when I’m late, there are serious repercussions. I’m going to be in so. much. pain. And I’m going to hate myself. It’s not even that I need to be freaking out over being late, there’s 100% chance there is no baby. I don’t have to go see a doctor or anything. There’s nothing they can do. I just have to sit here and continue to be late.

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8 thoughts on “Gah, I’m late….

  1. It is so incredibly frustring. December and January it barley showed up (day and a half each month and late!) Now I am 3 days late but all last week I had the cramping… I know I need to be less stressed but I am struggling to calm myself down because well Trump… I know you don’t want to hear that name haha

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