February is the month of…

Stuff… lots of stuff. 

February is a mix of a month for me. First of all, it’s the end of winter. Now being a very proud Canadian with ice instead of blood flowing in my veins, I usually dread the end of winter. This winter has actually been really nice. We’ve only had a small handful of days which dipped below -20 so far (please don’t jinx it T! DON’T JINX IT!) and the wind chill on those days only made it drop a few more degrees. Not a day under a “real feel” of -26 which is pretty awesome! But usually, we have had weeks of that nonsense and by February I am just praying for sunshine and warmth. February is also the month where we will get a few totally random really bad snow storms – or at least where I used to live. All lake effect snow, but roads would be closed, power would probably go out. All the fun things of February.

February, in Ontario at least, also has a long weekend. It’s called “Family Day” – a government holiday on the 3rd Monday of the month. This year it’s on the 20th. It started when I was in university, and I guess the government just really needed another holiday in between New Years and Easter. It works – an extra day of holiday pay if you have to work, or an extra long weekend if you don’t. I’m not sure if I will be working or not. If I do have to work, the kidlets will be crazy from the long weekend and I will have to be paid time and a half, if I don’t then I get an extra day to myself…which I would probably promise to spend working on my AtoZ challenge (the site has been updated!! CHECK IT OUT!) but realistically spend it binging Netflix.

Then, of course, there is Valentine’s Day. So I’m going to safely say that I’m not going to be in a relationship for Valentine’s day. It’s a week away and there is no man in sight for me. But even when I am seeing someone on Valentine’s Day, I hate the whole ritual of it. I’m not really a big fan of the over-indulgence of it, with all the spending on such a silly day. I am definitely one of those girls who will tell you I don’t want to go out for a fancy dinner, and I don’t want you to spend money on flowers, and I will actually mean it. But I would never ever say no to a stuffed hippo (side note: my uncle’s girlfriend messaged me on Facebook last night, she was in a dollar store yesterday with my uncle and saw a stuffed hippo out for Valentine’s Day and she (obviously) knows my obsession so she bought it for me! How sweet! I won’t be able to get it until Easter when I go home, but still, it was so thoughtful!).

The one thing that I do like about February, is that it’s Black History Month. When I was a supply teacher, this meant getting to scrape the surface of such a rich history with some of the classes that I would teach. Now, as a nanny, it means a little bit more. The family that I work for is a family of colour, with Carribean roots, and already this month I can see the books from the library piling up around the house celebrating Black History Month. This family is really good about promoting their rich heritage through everything that they do, but I also find it really great that the kids are taking this month to do their own exploration through reading and school projects. It also helps to educate me as well, since I have to admit, I don’t have a great knowledge in the subject. But when we are all learning together, I think it makes it more special.

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